The boss has finally revealed himself to us, and we finally learn how Polnareff landed himself in a wheelchair and some bad blood between him and Diavolo. Also Bruno’s end just keeps getting closer and closer on the fact that he can’t even see anymore, and from his fight with Secco, he can’t even hear either. His body keeps deteriorating, but with the power of his RESOLVE, he continues to complete his mission of reaching the Colosseum.

Also, hey! Young Polnareff and Jotaro in the Part 5 art style! They too have been affected by the twinkification.

Diavolo makes it into the Colosseum as he uses his own aura to disguise Doppio as Trish. Doppio was in a bit of a rut when helping Bruno cross the street but Diavolo infused his own aura to mask Doppio with his own, which is similiar to Trish. Right now, Bruno cannot hear or see anything. He can only see through peoples’ auras. He can’t see cars, or rails, or even hear car horns. But he can see the soul of someone driving. So basically he’s like Hyakkimaru from Dororo with the whole soul/aura thing (minus the hearing). Though I don’t really buy the whole Diavolo and Trish having the same aura because they’re father and daughter. In the familial sense I totally get it, but no way are their souls even similiar. One is a maniacal evil mob boss, and the other is a sweet girl. A very evil aura versus a kind aura. And the fact that Bruno and Trish have a very close connection in the short time they’ve known each other, I don’t like the fact that Bruno would be easily duped like this so it’s kinda…bull, to say the least. But Bruno is in terrible shape right now and he’s desperate to get to the Colosseum with the little time that he has. So taking advantage of this, Doppio pretends to be Trish and leads Bruno to the Colosseum. Bruno continues to show why he’s best and tells fake Trish that he has a small house in Naples that’s nearby a school, a great restaurant, and the beach and he’s willing to give it to her after all of this is done. Even in this moment he’s still thinking of others and wants Trish to still have a normal life and it made me a little teary eyed. It just sucks that he never actually said this to her but to her father that wants his own daughter dead.

As they make it into the Colosseum, Bruno tells “Trish” to get him up the stairs (even though he can’t see them????) but they’re stopped by a voice. The source of the voice is none other than Polnareff, who is immediately suspicious of the person next to him. The darkness is on Doppio’s side as he continues to play the part of Trish but that doesn’t last long as the two look at each other and realize who is who.

The whole backstory is cool and all. In the early 90’s, Polnareff and Jotaro had to work together to find the arrows. Diavolo had dug them up and felt the power from them, and even met Enyaba. He ended up keeping one and selling the others, but Enyaba mentioned how the arrows chooses people and those people being like magnets to each other. Polnareff and Jotaro split up, with him going to Europe and Africa and Jotaro searching in America and Asia. Italy caught his eye as crime ran rampant and eventually he came across Diavolo. Diavolo ended up fighting Polnareff near a cliff and chopped off his legs, pushing him over the edge of the cliff and having Polnareff land on a rock on his back, which explain his paralysis and prosthetics. But of course he failed. So yeah, this whole story is cool and all but there’s one glaring problem and that is that Araki had an “Araki moment”. A huge one really, because this story makes no sense. Only because Jotaro didn’t even come across the arrow’s existence until Morioh 1999, in Diamond is Unbreakable. I mean…people have accepted it, but it still doesn’t make any sense. Dammit Araki, why didn’t you keep notes on this stuff? 😐

Diavolo reveals himself finally, and it’s surprising that he looks like a cross between a rocker and a male stripper, where you would have expected a more terrifying man. He wastes no time trying to kill Polnareff for good, and even though Polnareff is in a wheelchair, he’s still just as powerful as we’ve always known him. And the years have shown how much more cautious and mature he’s become with using his blood to know when King Crimson was used and such. He was even able to wound Diavolo, however he still couldn’t hold him off.

Diavolo unleashes a deadly blow, but before Polnareff passed, he was able to stab Silver Chariot with the arrow. Silver Chariot scurried away in a strange blobby state, and that was actually the thing he didn’t want Diavolo to see. Which meant that was the power he wanted to show Bruno and the gang but he wasn’t able to. As Polnareff lays on the ground, he recounts a memory of his time in Egypt with his friends. Honestly, any time I see a memory of the Crusaders makes me emotional, like the framed picture on Jotaro’s desk from the beginning. While it was a tough and scary adventure, there were lots of good memories.

But…there’s something weird. Diavolo has the arrow, but what is that figure at the end? Hmmm….

Story inconsistencies aside, this episode was pretty good. We’re finally done with the villain of the week battles because now we’re completely focused on Diavolo, so things should be more exciting.


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