Awwww~!!!! I wasn’t sure how they were going to wrap up things up, but what better way to do it than with a wholesomely pure quest of helping a forgotten God recover his memories? It was so sweet, there were a number of times I almost cried. It warmed my heart to see Arata helping Volos, the God of Forests and the Hunt, who had lost his memories and needed to find a new vessel due to being forgotten. It was the cutest darn thing to watch them rise together each morning at the same time, Arata even giving up his bed to sleep on the floor, and Volos’ concern for him when he realized that he had been unconsciously draining Arata of his life force. Amazingly, despite that Arata was determined to finish his job of helping him recover his memories.

But Arata was able to make a breakthrough by consistently buying honey, what Volos enjoyed eating, and managed to luck out by purchasing an imported jar of it that happened to come from Volos’ homeland, Ukraine. And at the end of the day, Arata ended up saving his life, since Volos was at the point he was waiting death to take him.

I find it rather hilarious how everyone outright avoided taking up the job because they didn’t want to deal with it. Kyoichi, he’s supposed to be in Arata’s debt, yet he had the nerve to try and bail out of it, along with the other two. Geez, Volos is accidentally taking Arata’s life-force, maybe they could have considered rotating where he stays for the night.I mean there were always solution, but clearly— given they don’t trust Another, (understandably so since they can’t communicate with them like him) that was never going to be an option to begin with. At least Reiji made himself useful by providing them tickets to a museum where there was an ANcient Ukraine feature being held in Ueno. There Volos was able to find himself a beautiful new vessel, and be able to happily travel the around the world to various museums.

But they weren’t the only ones who ditched him. Yuki and Kohaku did the same because they didn’t want to have another one of them living under the same roof. They were, however the first to drop the hint of his background, as Yuki straight up said he smelled like a bear, which is what he is known to take form as to protect the cattle.

Final Thoughts

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin is definitely among the hidden gems of the Spring 2019 season. It’s not super heavy in the plot, but the charming and interesting characters of Anothers as well as Arata’s interactions with them is what made this show so fun to watch. It had some light spooky moments, and some sad, but for most part it had an incredibly sweet story. A young man who had unknowingly possessed the ears of the sand, and coming to accept he is in fact, the descendent of Seimei, loved and respected by many Anothers gradually adjusts his new life of working with Anothers, and taking care of cases where they get involved with civilians. It was not the job he thought he had signed up for when he first joined the Nocturnal Community Relations Division at the Shinjuku Ward Office, but it has proven to be one he has grown to care deeply about. This is the perfect type of show to binge-watch if you’re looking for a supernatural with a bit of mystery story to watch while winding down.

It was an absolutely pleasure to cover this show, and I hope more people will give it a chance! It’s definitely worth the time!

Final Verdict: 8/10 – A simple, yet charming show that is certainly worth to watch if you’re looking for some supernatural sweetness!


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  1. zztop

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the series; now to look forward to the source manga translation (if and when it comes out)!
    Btw, when will you be resuming your scheduled otome game playthroughs? I understand you had a schedule planned out.

    1. Eva

      As soon as a I can! Work and life stuff hijacked the schedule, so I had to put them on hold Q^Q|||. Since things are slowing down again, I’m hoping I can get at least one out by the end of July or sometime in August.

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