Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin Ep 9



God damn it, I knew something bad was going to happen when Satoru went off to do his own thing and made it known he intends on eliminating Anothers, regardless if they are harmless. Of course I understand to an extent where he’s coming from about how it is naive of Arata to take an Another’s words/promise to heart, but god damn it—- that doesn’t mean every single one of them is bad! He even went as far to allude that Arata is stupid enough to be manipulated in serving Kohaku, by playing a part of causing chaos and mayhem in society.

TT ^ TT I didn’t want to see this Another die, more than anything I wanted to see it find happiness again. I knew from the moment the children started disappearing that it was only lonely, and just brought them to his world so they could play. Unfortunately it didn’t understand that the children were scared, and the consequences of causing them to fall into a coma, but that’s where guidance could benefit everyone. It’s stupid to expect Anothers to understand how things work with Humans, they have their own set of rules and vice versa, and in order to co-exist with them, you need people like Arata who can actually understand them to be in the middle to help straighten things out by providing communication.

And Arata did a great job at explaining how sometimes friends have to be far away, connecting with it and offered solutions where he could help it not be lonely anymore. And it’s because he can hear them and their reasonings behind their actions is what enables him to sympathize with them. Of coures there’s times when he faces a daunting reminder of how Anothers don’t think the same way as Humans do, so he needs to be careful, such as Pandora, but it takes trial and error, as well as risk and preparedness to counter the ones that are problematic.

Man Satoru is such a dick, to even ridicule Arata and kill the Another in such cruel fashion in front of them was just too much. Arata was understandably furious, hurt and heartbroken by his actions. This whole co-op thing is something that’s going to haunt him. After-all had he gone alone, the another wouldn’t have been killed. At the same time, it also makes me wonder how today’s tragedy will prompt Arata to change his approach with Anothers, in particular of protecting them from people like Satoru, who thinks they are a nuisance to society and needs to be purged. It’s clear that Satoru has his own grudge against them, as he rubs his scar, but given how twisted he has become, I suppose something awful must have happened to him and to his loved ones, or else he might just end up being a messed up character to the core. Anyhow, I am curious to see whether or not Arata will find himself becoming a bit more like his great ancestor Seimei.

RIP little Another Q____Q


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