Well, it’s over. That’s it. No more RobiHachi ever (I think I can say that with near-100% certainty). Did anyone besides me even make it to the end? And it was a fine ending, in the grand scheme of things. Or no worse than any of the rest of the show, at least. All the loose ends have been tied up, Robby and Hatchi (and Hizakuriger) saved Planet Earth in characteristically anticlimactic fashion, and Robby shall live out the rest of his days on the Moon as Prince Hatchi’s sugar baby, all the while still pretending to be straight. All’s well that ends well. Even for Yang, who if the end credits are any indication will be pairing up with the male marketing guy. I wonder if that’s the only reason they brought back those two last episode.

It’s kind of hard to talk about the finale, because aside from the above, almost nothing happened. I guess it’s kind of fun that Hatchi’s grandfather colonised the moon. And on the subject of the alien he helped, I wonder if debilitating stomach cramps are really as common in Japan as their media lets on. Maybe I should move there to be among my true kin. There were some cute Robby and Hatchi moments as well, but they really don’t have that much chemistry as a couple when it comes down to it so it’s hard to get excited about them being coupley. I mean, honestly, does anyone ship these two? If you are, consider seeking help for what I can only assume is a severe shipping addiction.

I don’t think anyone is particularly gunning for a season two on this one, but I feel kind of bad that RobiHachi is so spectacularly unpopular that even the show itself is poking fun at it. It’s not like it’s awful. It’s just patently obvious that nobody involved thought of this as anything other than a job. It might well be a better watch as a marathon; week by week, the lacklustre story and aimless plot can get frustrating, especially when they’re not exactly being propped up by top-class humour (look, he said “HOLE”! Like for sex! Do you get it?), but I could see this being a pleasant, inoffensive watch for a sick day or something. You know, one of those days where you want to try something new but your brain can’t handle anything even slightly challenging. It’s not like there’s nothing to like here, but when nobody involved has the time or inclination to do more than the bare minimum, you’re never going to end up with a masterpiece.

I would say my personal likelihood of rewatching this one is close to zero, but I have trouble believing it’s the worst thing that Spring 2019 has to offer. I’d probably give it a 4.5/10; I didn’t have anything above a mild smirk on my face throughout the whole series, but it never pissed me off quite enough to drop it. Mediocrity at its very finest, in a nutshell. Godspeed, Robihachi.