What I didn’t see coming: Bakenyan was Blue Cat in disguise!
What I saw coming: Blue Cat stealing the pens and Fuwa

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A GREAT TWIST! And it makes so much sense too! Blue Cat disguising herself as Bakenyan was absolutely brilliant since it makes it so she has been on the enemy’s side undercover the entire time! This is why she had known about the girls’ true identities from the start! It’s actually quite amazing how she was able to dupe at least Ayewon up until now, especially being so close to the big bad boss. Ayewon was super salty about being tricked all this time.

And speaking of the devil, It turns out the beef between Ayewon and Blue Cat was quite a personal one. Ayewon was the one responsible for the fall of Rainbow Planet. She wanted them to hand over the Princess Pen, but since they refused to, she used her Dark Pen that was still imperfect at the time, and it went out of control. While she was able to bail out, the results of the Pen going out of control was catastrophic, turning everyone across the planet into stone. It goes to show the sheer power of the Princess Pens, and how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands.

While it came as a huge surprise of Bakenyan just being a disguise all long, Blue Cat stealing both Fuwa and the girls’ pens right from under their nose came as no surprise, especially since it’s highly likely her desire is to set her fellow Rainbowians free from their petrified state. That was as predictable as the episode was going to get, but knowing it was inevitably going to happen didn’t make it any less dramatic. The girls had just saved her, and vowed to restore Planet Rainbow, and yet they were robbed.

Of course given the events, and even the preview, it’s easy to automatically assume its time for the “inevitable” next precure: Cure Cosmo. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on that. As of right now, the distributions of the twelve pens are equally divided among the girls. With four more pens to go, here are the pen holder’s count:

  • Hikaru – 1
  • Lala – 2 (*Rainbow Planet’s pen (today) was supposed to be her *second)
  • Elena – 3
  • Madoka – 2

By making Blue Cat another Precure, not only her color scheme (Blue) conflicts with Lala’s pen palette, and there’s no real way for them to equally divide the pens properly among the five of them unless they were to make her the 13th Pen. This could potentially be done by combining all the pens they have right now, (and who knows, maybe she has the last four too), which would technically explain why (in the preview) she gets the name of Cure Cosmo and her dress is has a rainbow on it, unless it’s supposed to be a tribute to her planet.

Or… [Disclaimer: Take this with a grain of salt] They could potentially use their power to make a another pen of a sorts, similarly to what we saw in Hugtto Precure, and play along with the constellation of *Ophiuchus, which some identify as 13th Zodiac. Mind you, I don’t know much about it.This was just something I had just came across while looking up the zodiac a while back, and the current situation made me think of that. Again, I’m just spitting speculation here, don’t read too much into this.

But personally, I think it would probably be better to not make Blue Cat into another Precure. I mean, it’s not like she can’t do anything or be part of the squad if she doesn’t become one. She has other creative ways to fight thanks to her experience as a Phantom Thief. It would be a great way to continue breaking the the mold that Precure has been stuck with for such a long time. I for one would be ecstatic to see this kind of change of pace, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like they will go down that path. It would be a mild disappointment, but otherwise it’s not a big deal since I expected her to become one anyways. It doesn’t make her any less awesome than she already is.

Overall, this week’s episode was fantastic! I loved the twists, and I must say it was quite unexpected to see how the Rainbowians (cat-people) were actually petrified the way most of us initially had imagined them to be. I was expecting to see them as rainbow crystals after the way Blue Cat looked over the ones she recovered. Maybe it could be both, but for now it’s relatively uncertain.


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  1. DaRiUs

    I agree…this episode was great! I just wanted to let you know that if you look at the bag again, it looks like Blue Cat stole just the princess pens, not the girls transformation pens…I could be wrong but I didnt see them in there. So Im assuming that they still have the power to transform.
    And as far as Cure Cosmo goes, looking at the previews of her perfume toy. It looks like she’ll be able to use the girls princess pens to attack. I dont think she’ll get any princess pens of her own, and if she does…it might just be one. I think theyve done that before with sixth ranger cures if Im not mistaken.
    Too bad we have to wait 2 weeks to find out…smh

    1. Eva

      Ah you’re right! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll make the quick correction!
      It feels like they always leave us on the cliffhanger that follows with a week break for these plot-heavy episodes HAHA!

  2. elior1

    maybe it will take time for her to join like in cure ace case from doki doki precure or the one in suite precure this will be much better

  3. Bethany Forster

    I haven’t seen the episode but I am pretty sure Lala only has one pen atm. Because she got the Leo pen in ep 6, and only just got the Gemini in this episode. She is supposed to get my sign, Cancer, but I have not seen her get it yet. So either she got the Cancer pen alongside Gemini in this episode (so I wouldn’t have known) or maybe you made a typo. I have no idea so >.<

    1. Eva

      ヾ(。O﹏O)ノ゙ AHHHHHH! Sorry for the confusion! It was supposed to be “second” not “third”! Thanks for heads up, fixed it!

  4. Bibi

    There was something else about Cosmo/ Blue Cat that intrigued me – she looks nothing like her fellow Rainbowians, so it will be interesting to what story line will go there such such as:
    Her being likely be an outcast because of that (a mix of Rainbowian/Samaan [see Lala’s ears]), it but despite that she would still save the planet since it’s her home.
    Speaking of that: it would be great to learn more of the Samaan race on Lala’s birthday episode (airing on 7th July) now that we talk about it.

    1. Eva

      OOoh, now that you mention it, you’re right! I AM SO CURIOUS!

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