Star Twinkle Precure Episode 18

Anyone in favour of Hikaru’s mom getting a new editor? Because that dude wasn’t helpful whatsoever! Her poor mother had to create something that wasn’t something she was passionate about, and it showed. Sure Yumeo later realized he forgot what makes a series interesting is not its popular tropes or what he’s interested in, but she was the one who had to face the consequences. Of course Hikaru’s mother could have stuck by her gut, but it’s easier said than done, especially when it has been a life long dream of hers and her confidence is wavering.

And I know it was never meant to be, but damn it, I was hooked to the premise of an alien doctor who has come to Earth on a mission to fight an evil virus that causes diseases. Hahahaha!!! But then again, I am a fantasy/sci-fic fanatic. These types of stories are right up my alley. (Also I totally digging the character designs!)

It was also hilarious how her mother’s imagination inspired when she first met the girls was actually very close to, if not the girls actual reality. Her first idea came from Lala’s “yup”, and her imagination buzzed with space girl, school fantasy that followed pretty much their exact lives. Ironically, it looks like that’s the exact story she is running along (with Fuwa in the mix) after she decides she will commit herself the stories she feels passionate about.

What I loved the most about this episode was Hikaru’s bond with her mother, and how the two of them share the passion for sci-fic and fantasy. It was heartwarming to see Hikaru support her mother, even when things are difficult for her, and support her in any way she can. Best of all the sweetest part had to be the manga Hikaru’s mother made exclusively for her, it is a treasure she holds close to her heart. Not to mention, IT IS ADORABLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

But it wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows. Despite the amazing opportunity, because Hikaru’s mother didn’t go along with her gut, and ditch the sci-fic/fantasy elements she loves, it came back to bite her. I truly felt for her when she returned home to see the congratulations banner after hearing she might be cut and her stories will never be serialized. Nothing hurts more than being told your craft isn’t good enough for serialization. It’s a fear many creators have to face.

We actually got to learn about Hikaru’s dad, and where he’s at. No he isn’t dead, but travels around the world for work. He only comes home once a year (that’s rough). I thought it was a bit weird though that they blurred out his face, I never really understood why they do that. However in this case, I am legitimately wondering if he is involved with aliens as part of his job in some way or another, especially since many of his pictures from his trips are related to alien mysteries. Or if we really want to dig deep, let’s say he is an alien!

[Takes off tin-foil hat]

I’m kidding, but I wouldn’t be mad about it if he were ahahahahaha!!!!

Overall this was a really nice episode! While it didn’t exactly move the plot forward until the very end cutting to Blue Cat on Rainbow Planet, I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. Actually, speaking of Blue Cat, I really liked that they dropped that in, especially with the events that are to follow in next week’s episode! It looks like Blue Cat’s true identity gonna come out with the girls going to Rainbow Planet and discovering her headquarters. We know she has a Princess Pen on her, but will she be friend or foe? I’m so curious! Cannot wait to find out!


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  1. eva I didn’t read the comments on the spoilers but I have a feelings that they will be in rainbow planet for 2 episode because you know who might appear in episode 20 or next week

  2. I agree with you that Hikaru’s mother should get a new editor, I really am interested in Hikaru’s mother’s crazy ideas about space fantasy than the usual romance stories. I also hope that


    they don’t rush Blue Cat’s development into a new Precure, cause her debut as a Precure is only a couple of episodes away.

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