Star Twinkle Precure Episode 20

Damn, Cure Cosmo is so OP. Now that Fuwa has granted her the power to do so, she is hella strong and is taking all that anger and stress and is kicking Ayewan’s ass, and she won’t play nice either, she’s going all out!

This episode definitely struck my heart, and I enjoyed seeing Blue Cat’s tough side, of not caving into Fuwa’s demands (such as refusing to give her the cookie), as well as her vulnerable side. The most impactful moment for me was when her smokescreen bomb had accidentally been flung at and blew up against her beloved leader Olvio. It certainly gave me a fright, especially with Blue Cat’s distress. She is the only survivor, who had miraculously gotten off of the planet before everyone was completely consumed. The girls recognized Blue Cat didn’t want to bring harm to them, as she was certain to have only taken the Princess pens, while leaving them with their pendants to ensure their safety. And she continued showing that side of her as despite everything she had been saying, she fought alongside the precure and did her best to protect them with the cards she had in her hands.

And Blue Cat is a pretty incredible character. She has gone through a lot, and worked hard to gather information by going as far as taking on three different identities, Mao as the space idol to gather intel, Blue Cat to steal back the Rainbowite that were sold off by Ayewan, and Meowster when she successfully infiltrated the Notraiders. But the only thing that kind of confused me was the whole ability to shape-shift. Was she referring to becoming a literal cat, (which we never got to see), or are they actually able to shape-shift in various people as she had with all her secret identities? I find the later to be unclear due to the use of the perfume, so I wished they had clarified that.

As for her Cure Cosmo form, while the transformation sequence was quite pretty and I really liked the triangle reference to prisms, it was still very pretty. Her precure design is also stunning, but I do kind of wished they stuck with her true form. I feel like it’s a missed opportunity, especially given her race was just said to have been feared upon by others, which is why they ended up drifting to the barren Planet Rainbow, where there they were able to figure out how to make use of the Rainbowite resources to help the planet flourish, and become inhabitable. And since Fuwa had given her a brand new pen, she now has the blue one, so I am curious to see how this is going to play out now in terms of using the Princess Pens.

Then we have the whole deal with the Star Princesses pen. I find it rather interesting how both the Star Princesses seem to have neglected to explain to the girls about the dangers of the pens falling into the wrong hands. It’s dangerous for the girls to be ignorant of why the Notraiders want and need all twelve pens, and what they would be capable of doing with such power. That’s why Blue Cat called them out for it. She has warned them once before, and she did it again today. And it was precisely because she had learned about it at the Notraiders headquarters that she decided to take ahold of the opportunity in hopes to collect them for herself to save her fellow kins. I would hope that because of the birth of a new pen will get the ladies talking more about what the pens are truly capable of.

As for the two Notraiders, Ayewan looks like she will be the one to fall (if she does fall for good that is) in this fight. Kappard will be there to witness it, as he was ordered by Lord Galogre to take over her mission, or at least assist in some way. So far today, he has just been observing on the sidelines, watching Ayewan do her thing as she had insisted she will deal with this herself. She decided to use the dark pen on herself, and became quite intimating. Varying on how the fight plays out next week, the dark pen which is now in Kappard’s hands may remain in their clutches so as long the girls are unable to get it back. There looks to be lots of action, so I’m looking forward to it!

PS: Whelp, the girls really need to keep track of time better, Hikaru’s gramps is getting worried about her absence.


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3 thoughts on “Star Twinkle Precure Episode 20

  1. great episode overall I liked cure cosmo transformation and her being a shapeshifter now explain how she was able to transform into all those pepole

  2. I think her transformation is because she’s from Rainbow planet, and the perfume is just a tool to channel that transformation. I wonder if anyone else could use the perfume if they stole it from her

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