Carole & Tuesday Episode 13: Walk This Way

After a week-long break, CandT are back with a new OP and ED and a new start on yet another journey to whatever these miraculous minutes are. With how many times we’ve gotten that intro, those miraculous 7 minutes better be worth it. Here I was hoping to see Carole and Tuesday start their journey with their record deal…

Except that Gus rejected the contract. Goddammit Gus. I understand that he sees how special the girls are and he wants them to have their freedom, but this was their chance to make it big. And considering that Gus’ plans never really worked before, it’s concerning and pretty irritating that they have to start from the bottom all over again. Sure, their time at Mars Brightest wasn’t a waste because they certainly are famous with random people on the street recognizing them, and even being interviewed by a male Ellen Degeneres. But Gus has experience, he should know how stuff going viral works. It’ll only be relevant for a short time and in no time, Carole and Tuesday will easily fall into obscurity. If they don’t immediately latch onto this once in a lifetime chance, they’re not going to have a future in music. And it’s even more annoying that the man Gus believes in is a lunatic living in the slums that screams and swings an axe around. Yeah, he looks mentally stable so this should go well. Dammit Gus, dammit. -_- He’s also really lucky the girls didn’t get murdered while they were singing in the middle of the neighborhood but thankfully they got a positive reception.

I don’t know how well that’s going to go. So while the girls are at the bottom again, but this time with a bit of fame, Angela on the other hand announces her debut and even performs her debut single live. As if she wasn’t famous already, she’s starting off her music career with a bang. The juxtaposition of the girls is still strong. Also, it was hilarious that when it was said that Tao was too busy to go to Angela’s press announcement, it cut to him playing with a Rubix cube.

I will say, the show is definitely going in a direction I wasn’t expecting at all. I…don’t even know how to feel about this? I really have no idea how I should feel about this but it gives me an icky feeling as an American.

With the talk of deporting illegal immigrants, hints of a shady campaign, and her supporters holding up signs of her name in red…it’s really obvious that Tuesday’s mom is supposed to be the female Mars version of Donald Trump. I mean, come on. With how much this show references the United States and many Western things, it’s too obvious and it looks like Tuesday’s shitty mother might be the villain of this half of the show. With the talk of deporting immigrants, we’re suddenly reminded of Carole.

Carole is mostly getting attention since the finale of Mars Brightest because of her history. Since then, there are many people trying to contact her supposedly because they might be related to her. My suspicions were also raised when Catherine said it was a lot of people, and Carole turned down the offer to meet with them, probably thinking that most of the claims were fake. But the biggest reason is simply that she doesn’t care. Tuesday says there must have been a reason, but Carole can’t shake the thought of her parents abandoning her and now there’s no point in even finding or meeting them. She seems to be content with how she is now. While they were doing laundry later, the girls meet a man named Dann and his reaction to seeing Carole makes me believe that he’s obviously her father. The show kind of makes things really obvious so I’d be shocked if Dann wasn’t her father. With that in mind, Carole is an immigrant, notably she’s a refugee from Earth from what she’s said. And if Trumplerie (Trump + Valerie) gets elected and her deportation policies go into place, then the future of CandT is doomed.

Again, I’ll say that I wish the show would go into more detail about the whole Earth/Mars thing. So Earth isn’t dead? Or would the immigrants get deported somewhere else? This whole Valerie situation kind of makes me sigh and shake my head. Maybe because I live in the United States and have to see this shit on TV all the time but now seeing this type of stuff in anime is just…I don’t know. I was hoping it wouldn’t get political and hit too close to home but, well, here we are. I hope that reporter digs up some dirt on Tuesday’s mom. And I swear if this bitch says some shit like “Make Mars Great Again”, I swear I will lose my damn mind.

Ok episode. Not a big fan of the new OP but the visuals are as gorgeous as always. The ED is really nice and the visuals just make it better.


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