Carole & Tuesday Episode 14: The Kids Are Alright

Lots of mentioning of family this episode, but we also got a proper look into Tobe. And this man is…amazing. Eccentric and no nonsense, doesn’t bullshit around. If he doesn’t like something, he won’t sugar coat his words and I’m kind of glad. Also I guess Japanese people understand the stereotype of Texans always having to point out that they’re from Texas when literally no one asked them. And the hat, you can’t forget the hat. I’ve never met someone from Texas before, but I guarantee that when I do they’ll just go ahead and tell me…even though I never asked. 🙂

Well howdy, Tobe. In his humble abode with suspicious plants that are totally not weed, Tobe surprisingly agrees to be CandT’s producer after giving his honest opinion of their performance: It was shit. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think that the girls really need to improve and do something a little different. I wouldn’t say their music is terrible, but maybe a little boring? There was always something that bothered me about their music, other than it being plain. I think adding Skip’s band accompaniment made a huge difference! With both Carole and Tuesday’s voices being soft, the guitar being soft, and the piano/keyboard being soft, sometimes their music would make me a little sleepy, unless they were a little more upbeat like the laundry song. There just was never any beat to their music, it was just acoustic. And there’s nothing wrong with acoustic music, maybe it’s just not my thing when there’s too much of it. But the drums and other guitars from Skip and his guys made such a huge difference and made Army of Two sound so much better. So much more lively. Too bad they had to do 52 takes, but apparently that’s a good thing?

It was really nice seeing Skip again since I liked him so much. Tobe himself is a riot. He certainly has a way with words, describing pretty much everything as shit. Bad shit, good shit, squeezing out a really good shit. Their song being a polished shit. Amazing. It just makes me cringe as he made his dog carry an old-school, but expensive, microphone in its slobbery mouth. But so far, I like Tobe and his no bullshit attitude.

It just….felt so easy? Was there really a guarantee that this guy would be a producer for the girls after being in the dark for so long? What made him say yes? And it’s kind of convenient that he’s close with Skip, who is pretty famous himself. It just seems so easy, but that’s a problem I’ve always had with this show.

I saw someone mention this, and it’s that the show is an overly positive “happy things happen!” type of show, where some things are just too good to be true, where sometimes it can be hammy and unrealistic. Such as the scene in the laundromat of the two couples claiming to be Carole’s parents. Yeah, as if the white couple were supposed to be her parents. It was a little much and kind of funny in a bad way.

However, I like how they dealt with the reveal of Dan. I was worried that they were going to drag this on a little longer as a “mystery”, but nope. They made it painfully obvious last episode that Dan is Carole’s father so I’m glad they decided to end it here for now. I loved how Dan calmly explained his story to Carole as he walked her home, with Carole in the end coming to this realization. Dan had gotten into some trouble back on Earth and had been incarcerated, leaving baby Carole in the care of his incredibly frail and ill wife. Not being able to care for their daughter, Carole’s mother dropped off Carole at a church in the snow and died days after. Which lines up with what Carole knows of her past. We don’t know exactly what happened with Dan, though him declaring self-defense probably means he accidentally(?) killed a person, but he doesn’t seem like a bad person at all. What’s interesting is that he didn’t ask for forgiveness or anything, just told his story to her. The only thing Carole can say back to him is that she’ll hope he visits her again, and sends him off with a hand signal. I would have liked if he had done the hand signal back just to show the birthmark on his wrist to really confirm, but this was fine too. It was a really emotional moment and I thought it was well done.

We get another quick glimpse into Valerie with some political talk, and all I can say is yikes to all that. The reporter from last episode goes up to Tuesday and I’ve got my eyes on him. He knows a lot about her that it’s kind of suspicious. Just…there’s something. Hmm.

Angela’s side is getting a little scummy as well. We got another new character in the name of Aaron, some IT guy who is supposedly a big fan of hers. It looks like Angela is being stalked by some creepy fan, which I feel like might be Aaron. But it could also possibly be Katy, because I still remember that weird zoom in on Angela’s phone during the Mars Brightest arc. The username Black_Knight makes it seem like a male, but who knows. There’s also a kind of creepy moment of Angela walking into Tao working with an Angela hologram with a new song she’s never sung before (the ED song), and Angela’s worries are justified. Tao claims it’s just a simulation program that tests new songs with all the data he has of Angela’s voice, but she’s afraid she’ll be replaced. And it makes sense. I’m so curious where her arc will go from here.

Looks like there’s going to be another delay next week, so episode 15 will come out on the 31st/1st. I’ll be away during that week, so my review might come out a lot later or as a double post with episode 16 (which is more likely). Until then! <3


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