I’m never going to say that Diavolo deserve anything less than what he got, but damn, his punishment is seventeen kinds of messed up. Forever stuck, cursed to never know the truth of his death in a mental loop where he experiences the pain of death over and over again. Always changing, never the same, never knowing what is real and what isn’t.
The autopsy scene scared the ever living hell out of me. I’m not really a jumpy or squeamish person, put me down in front of a good horror anime and i’ll eat it up completely. That being said, there is something about hospital scenes where someone is being cut apart by a scalpel that will always make me wince ever so slightly.

With that all said and done, Diavolo is defeated. Thus is the end of the, wait, what do you mean there is still an episode and a half of content. With that in mind, we rewind time to a time before Giorno joined with Bruno and his gang of misfits. Right at the start of the series, with the demise of Leaky Eyed Luca.
The gang gets another mission from an old man to look into his daughters suicide, because he believes it to be a murder. He wants Bruno and the group to look into it, because the police had ruled it as a suicide. Despite his daughters boyfriend being a person of interest. Well, what he wants initially is for Bruno to eliminate the man if it was a murder but they are not assassins. So Bruno sends Mista to check the boyfriend out, though before they even leave the restaurant there is something not entirely right.
A stand that involves a rock is pending menacingly.

So what we know at this point of the episode is that her boyfriend was a semi-successful sculptor and that she died while holding ‘a strange rock’, apparently the same rock that is following Mista. At least, he thinks it’s following him, instead it takes the shape of and follows Bruno.
This means, according to the sculptor that has had this stand ability since he was a child that Bruno is going to die. It is a fate spelled out by his stand, ‘Rolling Stones’ or, if you’re looking at the crunchyroll translation ‘prophecy stones.’ honestly, was that the best we could do for this one?

If Bruno touches the stone, he’ll die in the way predicted in the stone. So thus begin Mista trying to prevent Bruno from touching the stone in any way possible. Destroy the stone or change it’s shape, that’s the general plan going into this  to stop this stand from being the end of Bruno. Though, when Mista flings himself from the building to crush the stone. Only just barely living himself by fortune of Fuga saving his life by driving the car under at just the right time, the stone does break but rather then just showing Bruno after that…
It shows Narancia and Abbacchio as well. It’s been cut in stone, it was destiny before this season began that the three of them would die. Thus is the power of the Stand Rolling Stones.

Polneraff in a spirit in the turtle and will stick around as a ghost for a while and the day is saved. The arrow

The credits roll and at the end, we see the scene from the beginning of the opening as men from Passione are on their knees. Kissing Giorno’s hand and hailing him as the new leader of the organization. Gotta say, loving the black outfit a lot. I’m sad the only time we’re going to get to see it is the last few seconds of this episode.

Midnight’s final impressions:

Oh boy! That was a ride and a half. I lost both of my favorite characters and was left with characters I was generally apathetic about. I don’t dislike Mista, Trish or Giorno. None of them really land outside a “oh I like them.” on a favorite character scale though. Well, at least part 5 returns to true Jojo fashion of ripping away all you love and care about. Part 4 was a little lacking in that department.

  1. Diavolo made for a pretty intimidating villain, his stand is a little bit too much like Dio’s. I’m not sure we really needed another time manipulation stand. That being said, it is different enough to stand out on it’s own and come off as threatening. I LOVED the dynamic between Doppio and Diavolo, the communication by ‘phone’ was great and the items were all also part of a play on song lyrics. I was actually fairly sad when Doppio died, leaving only the Diavolo personality behind at the end of the series. I wonder how he would of reacted if he ever truly realized that himself and the boss were one person. I suppose we’ll never know.

  2. Giorno is probably the weakest Joestar, in the way that’s he’s not a Joestar..technically, but you know what I mean. He’s barely even the main focal point of most of the season, he of course, is the one who beats the final boss and takes his place at the top in the end. However, I feel like part 5 is mostly Bruno’s journey. Even after he dies, (for real, not the mid-series death that results in zombie Bruno.) he’s a major driving force for Giorno in everything with the arrow. Even here at the end of it all, he assures Giorno that this is how it had to be.

  3. I LOVED NARANCIA, HE WAS MY BOY AND I JUST AM SO FUCKING SAD THAT HE DIED! Like damn, I was torn up in part 3 over Kakyoin, but at least his death served a purpose. In his death, they learned how to defeat Dio. Abbacchios death, which I couldn’t really even bring myself to care about even had more meaning in the way that it painted the way for everyone to recognize the boss when the time came. Narancia’s seemed so senseless to me, it barely served the narrative other then to reveal that Diavolo wasn’t inside Bruno’s body like everyone thought he was. I suppose in a way, that was the narrative purpose but it won’t stop me from being a little ticked off about it.

Overall, I really liked part 5. It hasn’t overcome my love of part 3, but it most certainly is in my top 3. Now to wait for us to get a confirmation on when we’ll be seeing Stone Ocean animated.