Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] – Episode 3

Okay! Well that escalated quickly, from cute panda girls to murderous mimic plants.

During the events of last episode, Zukuro and Kaikoku wandered off from the group to pursue Paca. Right up to a restricted area, at the beginning of the last episode. Paca basically said that they were free to explore the area and the tower to their hearts content. With the exception, of floors 51 and above of the tower. So what do these two idiots do immediately after being told this? Go right up to the 51st floor, where they immediately run into Paca.Who obviously isn’t too pleased with their behavior, they attack Paca and escape for their appearance at the end of last episode, only to bring the news of an incoming punishment with them.
Not just for them, but for everyone.

The punishment is man eating plants, that can also mimic them. So there is the slightly unnerving encounter with mimic Karin. The hilarious encounter with the double mimic Makino’s. Then there is Yuzu, oh my god, Yuzu. I thought that her obsession with Akatsuki was creepy at the end of the last episode. The mass of pictures in her closet, yeah, that was vaguely uncomfortable but it was NOTHING compared her going full yandere on the micmic Akatsuki.

Well, before we get into that. Let’s talk a little bit about my favorite character, Anya gets a little bit of focus in this episode. As he is running from the man eating monsters with Akatsuki. He passes out, after mentioning a medication that he needs and Paca hadn’t brought along when he was kidnapped. The medication he needs is a sleeping medication, it’s not uncommon in his family to suffer from severe insomnia. He began streaming so he could pass the time as he couldn’t sleep at night.
“Is that why you’re always so grumpy.”
God, I can’t stop laughing. Akatsuki recommends that Anya talk to Paca about getting the meds but Anya doesn’t want any favors from the freak. Akatsuki offers to get it for him and Anya’s like, “Don’t go asking him any favors for me either.”, so what does Akatsuki do? Do it anyway.

I’m not sure when the real Akatsuki and the fake mimic plant Akatsuki switched places. Probably about the time that he said he wanted to talk to Paca about getting the medication for Anya.
Well Yuzu takes Kaikoku to her room to grab some poisons to defeat the monsters. He sees her shrine and she asks him not to tell Akatsuki, i’m not sure if i’d immediately tell him or be immensely weary of telling him because this girl casually keeps deadly poisons in her room for ‘self-defense’.

Then she identifies the mimic, and goes full yandere on it. She knows exactly which hand that Akatsuki uses to do everything. Knows everything about him in almost frightening detail, when she flat out says that she doesn’t care if he’s real or fake. If he’s the real one, she’s always fantasized about cutting him open.
Jesus christ, the last place on earth I would want to be if I was Akatsuki is locked up in this crazy place with her. “I should of kissed it before I killed it.” GOD, wow, she’s a little too much for me. I take it back, Yuzu is worst girl now. Karin has returned to neutral ground and best girl is Himiko.

Honestly though, some of the best animated shots were during the confrontation between full Yandere Yuzu and mimic Akatsuki. It was kind of interesting to see what ‘villain’ Akatsuki could be like. Since i’m not entirely convinced he’s as innocent as he seems.

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  1. Episodes 4 and 5 will be released Sunday August 3rd as a double post.Sorry for the delay!

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