A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 4 – Third Number (The Pseudo-Soul, Huotou)

It’s hard to tell if Accelerator is sticking up for the corpse being called a monster because he cares or if he’s just pissed she’s stealing his thunder. Probably the second one. Maybe he gets a little jealous when someone else is called in monster instead of him while he’s in the room. You know, I sometimes forget he’s in the hospital for taking a bullet to the forehead at almost point blank range. Then he just randomly starts bleeding copious amounts of blood.

I couldn’t stop shaking my head when the DA guy took a Sister as his hostage. You couldn’t have chosen a worse person… Literally a girl who has countless clones scattered throughout the city, who are all connected through a virtual network and can inform each other of location and information. It’s like stealing an active tracking device that automatically texts your chasers as you make your get away. While they usually are narrating their mundane thoughts, I don’t think we’ve ever heard the Sisters narrating their own combat scene before. It really never stops. Helpful for me though. The sad part is the guy probably would’ve gotten away if he hadn’t tried to push a girl in a wheelchair out of the way. It’s not even a logical move. It’s so much easier to just go around. They really are scum even for villains.

Can we talk about how Anti-Skill is pretty shit at their job? So not only does DA have the uniforms, but they have somehow secured the old vehicles that were supposed to be disposed of. The only clues Anti-Skill has ‘uncovered’ has been Accelerator telling them everything he knows. Ok, I write this as I watch so I may have been too harsh on Anti-Skill. It looks like the information on the DA was purposely kept on the down low since they were sponsored by members of the governing board.

Nani?! A rogue Uiharu skirt flip in the wild. Ah, I miss those days. I also initially thought when the DA guy was fleeing the morgue at the beginning it was going to be the real Misaka that he bumped into. Glad to see Uiharu and Saten anyway, even if it was just for a moment. Saten is still very into urban legends it would seem. Well, they are also always right so maybe urban legends aren’t the best way to describe them. Just straight facts.

Something interesting, or at least clarifying for me, was that when Esther performs any type of necromancy the body is significantly stronger and faster. That’s most likely due to the restraints of the muscles being released, but I wonder how that works with espers. Maybe it’s a brain power thing? Or maybe powers are somehow enhanced by being able to use the body more? Actually, have they ever explained why or how espers get powers and why some are stronger than others? I hope not because I have no memory of that and I feel like I would. To increase her sense of smell, the pseudo-soul says she reallocated her brain power. My bet is they’re probably using that to boost the ESP levels.

Ok so, on top of Hishikata, we also know about Nakimoto (Breeder). He’s in the upper echelon of Academy City, whatever that means because I have no idea what the hierarchy looks like, and spends his entire life riding on a train that never stops. “as a member of the governing board, I appreciate your input”. Oh, he’s on the governing board. Well that’s convenient timing. I like how dry the humor in their conversation was. He casually just said that as if Hishikata was an upstanding citizen submitting a request at a town hall to add a sign to the local park warning people of a dangerous ditch.

Hold on a minute. I just noticed Nakimoto won’t even hold his own phone? He makes the maid hold it! What kinda bullshit ass… it’s not enough you’re riding a decked out infinity train on an endless loop, 24/7? Rich people, man.

Oh shit. Nooo, please don’t let Hishikata get his hands on a Sister. Oh lord. I can’t even fathom what he’d actually be able to do with her, but I can guarantee it won’t be good and I honestly feel like they’ve been through enough at this point.

Ooo, whelp, this episode really turned around on the DA. They’re looking a little screwed right about now. Not only are they being chased by Anti-Skill, they’re on the bad side of Accelerator, being pursued by Esther and her reanimate, and now even the villains are after them. RIP in peace, my dudes. Or not. Y’all suck.

So now we know that they are called Disciplinary Action and they’re a rogue crew of justice nuts, ex-Anti-Skill, and other sympathizers. Apparently they also think they stand a chance against the governing board. Suuure.

Hah. As I was typing that, their suspected warehouse was blown to bits by the Scavengers.

Woah woah. What kind of power is this kid using, that ‘Predator’ thing. Are we still doing magic? Is this ESP? I’m so lost. Annnd the episode ended.

To end on a lighter note, I’m thinking we need another spinoff. Hear me out. It’s inspired by the scenes with Last Order asking him if he’s hungry but inwardly uneasy because if he asks for an apple since she doesn’t know how to peel it and then Misaka going on about how she’s happy he complimented her handwriting because she learned it from Shoujo manga. Can these monologues just keep getting longer and longer? The spinoff will be just them and it’s just exposition, the anime. I’d watch the shit outta that. 4D chess, where the entire episode is just one scene, everyone taking turns contemplating every outcome, it happens, episode ends. Repeat.

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