Before I dive into talking about this episode, I just wanted to take a brief moment to talk about how much I appreciate the reaction faces these girls have. A lot of them are so over the top, that even though it’s episode 6, they still catch me off guard in a good way. Anytime one of their faces over-exaggerates I find myself giggling no matter how stressful I feel from what is happening on screen. However, if I had to give an award to any girl for their faces, Hitoha would win hands down. Every episode she manages to outshine herself! If I had to give out a second place ribbon, it would definitely go to Kazusa as most of the other girls aren’t as expressive. Momo occasionally has the >_< face and Sonezaki is usually just angry whenever her animation over-exaggerates. Last place definitely goes to Sugawara though, because she’s always calm and cool. Where are the faces Sugawara??

Alright, enough about faces, let’s get to talking about this episode. In my opinion, it didn’t really feel like anything happened… Just a lot more story being set up. Izumi only appeared in a flash back so he and Kazusa are as awkward as they were from the beginning of the series. And while it’s frustrating to watch, I really can’t blame Kazusa for the way that she is reacting! I understand the feeling of recognizing that you like someone suddenly everyone’s a threat, but also their better than you. However, part of me is banging my head against the wall just asking for something to happen!

And don’t get me started on Sugawara in this whole mess! While I thoroughly appreciate that she admitted to not liking Izumi (though I’m skeptical), why is she just causing more grief for Kazusa? I get that Sugawara is upset at Kazusa for assuming that she’s going after Izumi when she supposedly doesn’t have feelings towards him, but man! There are better ways to tackle that situation rather than trying to make one of your best friends jealous! And poor Momo, knowing both sides of the situation is just caught in the middle. She doesn’t want to get in Sugawara’s way, but seeing Kazusa act the way she does is obviously stressing her out a lot. So… all in all with the whole Izumi situation I really hope it smooths out a little bit, but I have a feeling things are going to get a lot more intense before they get any better.

On the other hand, things are starting to look up for Hitoha, and I’m really excited about that! Finally she has been given the okay to move away from trying to become a high school erotic novelist and can finally focus on her own experience of unripe love. Of course, she is still using Milo-sensei, but it seems like things haven’t gotten too out of hand yet. Though, we did see a potential rival for Hitoha. I’m interested to see how the other teacher will impact her own relationship with Milo-sensei… Will Hitoha become jealous? Or will she continue to find ways to blackmail her teacher? Or perhaps both??? Only time will tell…

And finally: Amagi and Sonezaki. They certainly didn’t have a whole lot of screen time this episode, but boy oh boy, what little time they had was still pretty powerful. Despite the two dating, Sonezaki is still pushing Amagi away. Part of me wants to be angry about it, but at the same time I kind of understand how she feels. She definitely wants to be in a relationship with him, but she doesn’t want it to be a spotlight. But the moment when Amagi asked her if she wanted him to be his boyfriend and her timid response honestly sent a little chill down my spine. I hope that things end up working out for these two because compared to the rest of the girls, these two seem to be on the right track.


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!