Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? S2 – Ep 5

Well, I can’t say too much happened this week. It was mostly just comedy so there isn’t a lot for me to say. The first thirteen minutes of the episode felt terribly wasteful with how dragged out the whole recruitment event was. (That isn’t to say it I didn’t find it funny though!) It certainly didn’t help with how ridiculous Hestia’s antics were, soaking in the their familia’s newfound popularity thanks to their victory. But unfortunately for our dear Goddess, the potential recruits lost all interest when Mikoto had accidentally found and then publicly presented the Hestia’s receipt of the debt she owes to Hephaistios. This is of course, for the special knife Hestia had purchased for Bell, which came with the hefty price of 200 million valis.

And goodness, when Bell realized the the value of the blade, the poor boy fainted in horror of using such a valuable piece of item. I don’t blame him the slightest, had I known I was using something that expensive I probably wouldn’t want to use it at all. But let’s be real here: the Hestia Knife was worth every penny. Remember, it is connected to his status. The stronger he gets, the stronger the knife will become as well. If that isn’t a solid long-term investment, I don’t know what is.

But among the hilarity of the episode, we were also given some sweet moments as well. My favourite had to be the baths scene. I loved the role reversal of rather than the boys trying to eavesdrop or peek on the girls bathing, it was the other way around. And what I really liked about it was how Bell was reflecting on himself and his relationship with everyone, thanking Welf, and the the girls for the support they have given them and for joining their familia. Hestia was so touched by it, that she lost all self-control and almost climbed over the wall while bawling her eyes out.

After that, the fun came to an end when Chigusa makes an unexpected visit to relay an ominous message to Mikoto. I don’t know what happened or what’s going on, but goodness, this had to be the most bizarre and confusing cliffhanger I have seen in a long time. The way they presented it left me feeling more puzzled than intrigued.

Last but not least, what the heck? I can’t believe next week is already episode six. Goodness time has been flying this summer!


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2 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? S2 – Ep 5

  1. Don’t worry about the cliffhanger ending, all should be clear by next episode. It’s also the driving story of Vol 7.
    Also, Hestia proving that being an onsen pervert is not a guys-only domain.

  2. Hello all,
    As usual, I intend to leave my own mark on the proceedings. Episode-5 is very important. It shows us many things, and introduces the next sequence in the story.
    But enough of my being pompous (as usual), the episode please.
    First the hiring meeting outside the doors of Hestia’s new digs. This was patently delicious. First Hestia works up the crowd, to the point that she understands these people’s intentions. We all forget; liars, cheats, and thieves; know each other ( I am pointed about this. Hestia has a long, sad history).
    Hestia wanted to see what she could make out of this bunch of ‘applicants’. Then, she drops the bomb… everybody will be interviewed, one at a time… no exceptions. Hestia’s idea, and it was delicious delivering this line.
    And while most viewers were thinking Hephaestus’ bill for the ‘Hestia Knife’, was some kind diversion, or mostly bad news… we have to remember, this debt has been on the books since early in the first season. I was hoping we’d hear more about it. And now we have.
    Nothing has changed. The only unfortunate part about this is that Mikoto declared this document in front of the entire applicant audience. It was a private matter, and will change none of the events of the last over a year (of their time) now. Which means, all of the applicants will now have nothing to do with the Hestia Familia. Once hired, there need not be any unusual pressure to get money from them. After all, a small percentage (with a large enough Familia) will pay the Palace expenses and help pay the Knife bill.
    Now, the Hestia Familia must work hard to keep ahead of living expenses alone, not counting hobbies. Hestia has already admitted to nothing left of a fairly sizable settlement from Apollo. Now it becomes a dicey proposition just getting Welf Crozzo the coal and metals he will need, to start forging items again.
    All of that is an unfortunate consequence of not reading, in detail, the contract; by Mikoto.
    And then the last scene. The events of that scene are fairly obvious. Mikoto’s old Familia, has either been beaten up, or they’ve had a rotten time in the dungeon. It is possible, that the reason for these events are the focus of what will happen, in episode-6.
    This episode is mostly a timeout and a recapitulation of previous events, with several items of comedy relief. All of this, is a change of timing required for the viewer to decompress, and catch his breath, after four very high pressure episodes.
    This is properly done. It gives us a sharp dividing line between the last event, and the beginning new event.
    The next episode will be a great one, as usual!

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