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You know what, at least she apologized and realized that she was coming off as something of a bitch. She also said that it was a lot of hear-say and rumors, but the one part that was true was that someone close to Mafuyu died recently. His name, was Yuki. The very Yuki who used to own the guitar that Mafuyu is using to learn how to play music on now.
This news weighs on Ritsuka for the rest of the episode, though, for different reasons then I was expecting honestly. He doesn’t tell anyone what he heard, and he kind of bottles it up. Until, the very end of the episode when Mafuyu is talking to him. When he admits to the fact that there was someone, someone he loved with all of his heart and that, yes, there is something he wants to say. So he’ll do his best with the song lyrics.
When he hears that, when Ritsuki hears that there was someone that Mafuyu loved. He feels, jealous.

Of course, that’s just what’s going on in the background of the episode and the conclusion.

The song is ready, for the most part. The only thing missing from it now, are the lyrics. Akihiko and Ritsuka agree that the one to write them, should be Mafuyu. There is something in his voice, in even that lyricless singing that sounds like something inside of him is screaming to be let out. Immense emotions, trapped deep inside. It’s something, that Ritsuka doesn’t know how to handle really.
Haruki, being dense as hell when they are all gathered together for the band meeting. Says that Mafuyu should just write about past relationships, which is a landmine that nobody should be stepping on right now. This leads, to perhaps my favorite part of the episode.
The part where Mafuyu and Haruki talk.

Visually, it’s nothing special.
However, it’s a question that really gets you thinking. If there is someone you love deeply, and they died tomorrow. How would you feel? What would you say? Could you sit and process those feelings so easily?

Now, if we’re talking favorite part of the episode visually. It’s when Mafuyu goes traveling. Taking the bus, walking, and arriving at the ocean. I really appreciate the background work in this show, i noticed it when we were in the music stores a few episodes back. The background designs are lovely, and you really get a feel for the places that these characters are.

Other then that, there is only two other things to note about this episode. Blonde guy, who’s name I have yet to learn. (-goggles it-) Hiiragi Kashima walks up to talk with Mafuyu. He questions, why is he playing music anyway? Is it to have a brighter outlook and try to move on? Or is it because he can’t let go of the past?
Even Mafuyu doesn’t know the answer to that question. So they part ways, though i’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Hiiragi.

Lastly, god bless Ritsuka’s friends. They just want to play sports and have fun, they’re just good kids. Inviting Ritsuka and trying to invite Mafuyu out bowling? Playing basketball? Being playfully competitive for the sports festival. I love them, they’re awesome.

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  1. I love how the first five episodes made Mafuyu a “muse” of sorts for Ritsuka who slowly gains his love for music back. The inspiration he gets from Mafuyu slowly transcends into love when he admits to being jealous.

    As someone who read the manga, I was excited for the final portion of the episode as it’s one of my favorite moments as this was the first time Ritsuka’s emotions are honest. If you had noticed, Ritsuka has always been rather cold and indifferent, which makes him awkward around people. Thanks to Mafuyu entering his life, Ritsuka is slowly growing into a more honest person and he’s actually hanging out with his friends now instead of going off on his own. I love it SO much.

    And yes, god bless Itaya (basketball-obsessed dude) and Ueki (the actual basketball player and the terrible artist). They are best side boys.

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