Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] – Episode 7

Hide and Seek seems like a simple enough challenge. Of course, this is 13th avenue and nothing can be as simple as it seems.
So, there are three maiden sisters who will be in charge of hunting down the players. If they are caught once, they will be cursed with the loss of eyesight. If they are caught twice, they get their eyes gouged out. Lovely, of course, Karin is scared half to death because she doesn’t handle horror too well and Zakuro is scared because they’re women. Either way, pretty sure their souls are going to fly away.
With this, the game starts. Left only to the 6th floor with their dorms as the only places to hide. The group splits.

The girls all hide in one dorm.
Zakuro and Kaikoku in another.
Anya and Akatsuki in another and Makino is by himself.

In round one, the girls and the Zakuro and Kaikoku groups get caught and get their eyesight taken away from them. Of course, there is the rescue rule. Which states that anyone that is still pure after the round ends can touch someone to lift their curse.

In round two, Kaikoku breaks off on his own. Zakuro is also on his own, Makino is still in his room sleeping. The girls are still together, as as Anya and Akatsuki.
Everyone gets taken out except for Makino.Who avoided getting caught by sleeping through the round, rolling off the bed and getting stuck out of sight caught between the wall and the side of the bed. They’re all purified and the round ends with all of them safe and them passing.

That’s the bare bones of this episode, but let’s look at a few things that came up throughout the episode.

  1. A little further explanation on what Himiko was talking about at the end of last episode: Okay, so when she says “I killed my brother” it’s not as bad as it sounds. When she was born, her parents gave her brother up for adoption ‘for her own protection’ and he went missing in the process and has been missing long enough to be considered legally dead. I can see how she could view this as her killing her brother, but in the end, it’s more her parents then her. There’s also no proof that he’s dead, he’s just legally considered dead because he’s been missing for so long. I wonder if that’s something that will come up later in the manga perhaps? I doubt we’re going to get a chance to touch on it again in the anime, i would like to see this come back for the manga though.

  2. Zakuro’s concern about Kaikoku and Paca’s comment at the end of the episode. We might recall Zakuro and Paca’s discussion about the white room from the last episode. You can tell that he wants to bring it up to Kaikoku, but he doesn’t know how too. He advises him to avoid being alone.Kaikoku thinks that Zakuro is being a little over protective and paranoid. Then, at the end of the episode Paca makes a comment about how the game seems to be progressing smoothly. How they are getting views, how they are clearing the stages.
    The thing is that they still have all their players intact. I believe this is implying that Paca is about to take direct action against one of the players and why not have it be the one that has posed him the biggest problem. The one who knows things that he shouldn’t.

  3. Things that Kaikoku shouldn’t know. During the second round of the game, he goes to hide in Yuzu’s room. He opens her shrine to Akatsuki and discovers some papers that he probably shouldn’t of seen. A thing about experiments and 13th avenue. Yuzu and Akatsuki, how are they connected to this game? I’d honestly been suspicious of Akatsuki for various reasons, it didn’t strike me that Yuzu could be in on it too.

Just how deeply involved they are, i can’t say for sure. I’ll be interested to see how this is explored, and i’m honestly most interested in seeing how hurt Himiko and Anya are. They both trust Akatsuki deeply, he is the thing closest to their hearts right now. So how will they react when the truth comes forward? What is the truth?
I’m really excited to know.

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