Star Twinkle Precure Ep 27 – 29

Usually, I try to avoid releasing a 3-in-1 entries, but the last two episodes were impossible for me to write about. Unfortunately these type of episodes rarely resonate with me, and episodes 27 and 28 were among the ones that didn’t. They just bore the daylights out of me.

Episode 27: The girls get to be mermaids for a day, reminded everyone that changing is okay, and called Ayewan out for her shit. 

Episode 28: The girls are finally able to get their rocket repaired, but first Madoka and Elena need to defy their own limits, and ignite the fire in the hearts. That’s pretty much all you need to know. You aren’t missing much– except for Kappard having a field day on the Water Planet, go figure.

Between the two, the Episode 28 was probably the one that missed the mark for me the most. The conflict was terribly flimsy, and failed to added anything truly substantial to Elena’s or Madoka’s characters or their relationship. And it’s a shame, because it would have been nice if they came up with something more memorable that could really flesh them out for the better, because this the whole “defying their own limits” was extremely forgettable. Either that, or perhaps there could have been a better way to go about it.

So without any further ado, let’s just dive right into Episode 29.

Episode 29

Wow this episode was….something else. Damn, it really riled me up. JUSTICE FOR LALA!!!!!

After two weeks of episodes that put me to sleep, this one made up for it in a big way. Holy crap, I can’t remember the last time I have felt so uncomfortable and annoyed while watching Precure, BUT IN A GOOD WAY!

The uncomfortable part for me was the Samaanrians dependence on A.I. technology. I find it incredibly disturbing how the Samaanrian’s lifestyle is the lack of interactivity, and worse of all, the lack of interest to make their own personal decisions. Hilariously, I am also covering another show, (Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS) that revolves around the dangers of giving A.I. too much control/free-will. Both have demonstrated the consequences of society being too reliant on A.I. technology, and its a very real problem that’s growing in our lifestyle as well! Luckily for Lala, being on Earth has helped her grow more as an individual, rather than relying on her trust A.I. partner as well. Speaking of which, they also explore the relationship with them as well.  Today we witnessed Lala’s A.I. (Rocket A.I., as they call her) actually helped Lala cover up her friends backgrounds (being Earthlings, who are not part of the Starscape Alliance). In a sense, that itself is an example of an A.I.’s free-will, having recognized Lala’s and the girls’ need for secrecy. However sadly, we learned that once they do the data exchange, Rocket A.I. is not going to be the same as she is now, which hurt my heart considering she has been Lala’s partner throughout her entire journey across space, but I digress.

Following the unsettling dependency on A.I. was what quickly became the most infuriating part off the episode. On planet Samaan, their society is all about efficiency, from their living environments, gatherings, and even their occupation. All of this is decided by the A.I. “Mother”, who is basically responsible for running their society. She gauges appoints them to a certain roles based on their data. Lala’s mother is a Rocket Engineer, her father works in the A.I. Lab, her brother is a Rank 1, first-rate Investigator, while Lala is Rank 8 – the lowest, and… hear this: A Debris Investigator (aka: dealing with garage).

…Like are you freaking kidding me right now? LIKE GEEZ! IT’S NO WONDER LALA WASN’T EXCITED ABOUT COMING HOME! I WOULDN’T BE EITHER! It was so incredibly infuriating to watch Lala’s family and others constantly talk her down, while putting her brother on the pedestal.  Seriously, it made me so upset on her behalf that her family, especially her brother doesn’t even take a moment to listen to what she has to say. Instead it’s all about his achievements. Like dude, give your sister a moment will you? You just had a freaking award ceremony for finding the Princess Pen, you can brag about your Precure findings a bit later, yes?

Ugh, the worst part about it, I get it- she doesn’t know if it’s a good idea whether or not to tell everyone the truth that she and the girls are the Precures. Heck, I fear that nobody would even believe her if she did tell them at first! It was good that Madoka was able to talk to her, the pressure of meeting expectations and keeping secrets from family, is something she understands very well. My favourite part though, was when Madoka borrowed Hikaru’s words and asked Lala, “How do you feel about this?”, telling her she should follow her heart.

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, it actually does.
After saving Kuku from Tenjou’s attack, (AND AMAZINGLY SO!) WHAT DOES HE DO?


LIKE WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. @#!*!!?!?!?!

Oh my god, that ticked me off so much. It made me livid on her behalf. She just did an amazing job in the fight, overwhelmed Tenjou on her own, and this is what she gets in return?! Seriously, I want to smack him! Yes, she was holding them damn thing and she was checking on him god- and yet he didn’t even consider she had retrieved it! What does that tell you?! It feels like he has little to no faith in Lala’s integrity, all because of her rank! Now, no thanks to him, Lala is now on the run from being arrested for a crime she did not commit! UGH! Poor girl! She doesn’t deserve any of this shit.

And it’s going to get even crazier now that Ayewon has followed them there too. Looks like she is going to hijack the entire system, showing yet another vulnerability. Goodness, next week is going to be wild!

I’m looking forward to it!


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2 Responses

  1. asiafan says:

    Yeah…. the people of planet Saman cannot think for themselves and overly relying on the Mother AI, which caused people to make bad decisions. And because of that, I would love to see Aione hacking into the Mother AI and cause chaos to the planet, serves them right too. Also I wouldn’t blame you for having a hard time for episodes 27 and 28, cause they are pretty underwhelming.
    Oh, and another thing about episode 29, Hikaru is very annoying. It frustrates me that this is the girl who is the “main character”, pink lead, and the “relatable”one, and yet she is the dumbest of the group.

  2. elior1 says:

    justice for lala kuku was an idiot for doing this without see the full picture

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