Carole & Tuesday Episode 23: Don’t Stop Believin’

I called it, I fucking called that the finale would be a We Are the World type of finale. I would have thought it would have taken place at the Grammys, but instead it’s going to be hastily put together in time before the election and in joint with Kyle and Spencer leaking the info about Jerry. I also think that Tao will release his own dirt on Shwartz at the same time, which will also connect to Jerry if Kyle and Spencer happen to fail. It looks like everything really is set now.

Also, I get it. Tao was busy and couldn’t be there for Angela, but he couldn’t have sent her a message somehow? To at least let her know she wasn’t alone? She almost killed herself for crap’s sake! Thankfully she’s recovering and Tao arrived in romantic and dramatic fashion with that gorgeous moonlight, but still!

I wonder what Angela’s manager was doing all this time. We haven’t seen her at all since the Mars Brightest competition, but she finally appeared now and at least was able to be with Angela when she needed company. Angela’s scene in the hospital was depressing as it continued to show us how much she’s suffering, and even admitting that no one would care if she died. It’s haunting, and Tao’s arrival at the end was what she needed most. Maybe she’ll join the other artists for the big song?

After Skip gets wrongfully arrested because the police can, Carole and Tuesday come up with the idea to gather artists from all over Mars to sing a song together against the current immigration policies Valerie is pushing. There’s a big meeting in their place and everyone is on board (even Ertegun!) and they each take on their roles in helping this show take off from the ground such as streaming issues, contacting artists, booking the Immigration Hall, etc. Carole and Tuesday are going to write the song, and it’s interesting that they go with the theme of “mother”. There was a lot of mother talk this episode, with Valerie and Kyle opening up about his own mother, as well as Dahlia’s funeral. Basically, it’s a freedom song and it’s going to be huge. It’s literally We Are the World and god I hope the finale episode is called that.

There isn’t much else of importance this episode. Lots of people seem to be on board with this grand performance. GGK and Pyotr became a duo, which is kind of hilarious and terrifying given how different the two of them are, though I do wonder what their songs sound like. Desmond woke up just in time so it looks like he’ll join too. It would be cool if Flora would join in as well. And maybe Valerie will take stand against Jerry?

Everything is finally going to come to an end next week and I’m sure we’re going to get lots of music and the main plot coming to an end. Will the subplots come together nicely, I don’t know. I’m just hoping it can be at least a little satisfying.

We are the woooorld

We are the childreeen

Also, it’s ridiculous that immigration is being argued. Everyone on Mars is an immigrant, humans have only been there for 50 years. You look at the immigrants being arrested and it’s just a big HMMM. 😐 I’m surprised that no one has called out this “immigration” stuff just being a codeword for racism. But, hey…it looks like Watanabe hit that on the head! H-Ha…haha… 🙁


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