Carole & Tuesday Episodes 19 & 20

Things are starting to escalate now. We’re heading into the last four episodes and I think I have an idea of how the ending might be like what with the Grammys coming up. Maybe. It’s more of a cringey joke ending but whatever, just think of me when the Miraculous Seven Minutes end up being their own version of We Are the World.

On a serious note, things are starting to get out of hand. In Episode 19 everyone is getting prepared for the Cydonia Festival. RIP Crystal and Skip, I was hoping we would see them again. This episode had a bigger focus on Angela’s side of the story, finally. And everyone is aware how dangerous the stalker is, and Tao is finally being told all this. Thankfully he works quick and takes matters into his own hands and was able to figure out the stalker was hacking through Angela’s new AI pet rabbit. With the Cydonia Festival coming up and Angela performing with Ertegun on stage, everyone is on high alert to secure Angela’s safety. It was really cool seeing Tao finally taking a bigger part in events since he’s always been in the background, or just not around at all. It’s thanks to him that he was able to find and take down the stalker in time, because if he weren’t there, Angela absolutely would have been killed. It was exciting, but disappointing that the stalker was just some random dude we’ll never see again. Though I guess it was fine because Tao gave Angela a thumbs up and I thought it was adorable? I don’t know, I guess I’m on board with the TaoxAngela ship. I always thought they were an interesting pair and their interactions were always entertaining, and ever since Angela showed she had a bit of a crush on him I thought it was funny. I don’t know, I’m into it!

In fact, these two episodes were great for both Angela and Tao. Things went even more crazy for Tao as Jerry ask for his assistance with the campaign, and he declined. And because of this he ends up getting arrested, leaving Angela her AI replica to help her prepare for the Grammys. As if he saw this coming?

Tao became a lot more interesting as we finally got to learn more about him. He’s always been fishy with how quiet and mysterious he is, especially when he had all this AI stuff and research under his belt. Instead of using his knowledge for bad, he wanted to use it for good. Ever since he was little he was emotionless, and people called him a robot. He studied what he did so he could better understand emotions so that he could understand others better, as well as using this technology and knowledge in music to bring out emotions from people. We finally get a better understanding of who he is, but I wish we could have learned this about him sooner rather than four episodes from the finale. Maybe working with Angela he was able to understand emotions better, since before he would always work alone. Maybe one of those emotions is….love? Eh? Ahh we’ll see.

Angela is slowly losing everything around her, sadly. First she’s lost Tao, and now she possibly lost her mother. We knew there was always an awkward and possibly abusive relationship between Angela and Dahlia. We know there was physical abuse before but the show never touched on that again. However, this time we were able to see Dahlia show her true intentions. Angela is that poor kid that’s being forced to carry out her parent’s dream, and her mother loses patience with her in the end when she refused to learn from her AI replica. It was a very violent scene with Dahlia admitting what her true intentions were, slamming and breaking the phone, and just yelling. I was scared she was going to hit Angela, but before she could even do anything else, she collapsed from what I guess was a heart attack. Whether she’s dead or alive, we don’t know, but I honestly feel bad for Angela. She honestly doesn’t have anyone else in her life to be there for her.

When it comes to the CandT portions of the story, the only thing that interested me was Carole and Ezekiel. Let me just say that the dude is hot and his song was fucking lit. Honestly, one of the best songs from the show. Turns out Ezekiel, or Amel, is also a refugee from Earth like Carole. They meet up and chat, and turns out the politics rears its ugly head again as Ezekiel calls out what Valerie is saying about immigrants like them. While Carole remembers him as the sweet and weaker friend, he’s now a totally different person. Just to make their friendship feel even stronger, I wish the show could have shown a flashback of the two as kids when Carole was telling Tuesday how she would protect him and stuff. The show really likes to tell and not show, which is really irritating. Still, I find her friendship with Ezekiel more interesting than her bond with Tuesday…which, yeah, yikes. But I’ve touched on that before.

Ezekiel releases a new song that goes viral immediately, which is a song aimed towards politicians like Valerie. Unfortunately he gets arrested right away as its found out that his visa expired, which I’m guessing they all found out when he flashed his visa in his music video before burning it. I get he was sending a message, but I don’t think that was a good idea. -_-;

Politics, stalkers, arrests, maybe a death? And the Grammys! A lot of things to get settled in these last four episodes, let’s see what’ll happen. It’s obvious these Miraculous Seven Minutes will happen at the Grammys, and I’m still gunning for all the artists that we’ve seen in this show to appear at the Grammys to perform their own Mars rendition of We Are the World to take down evil Valerie. Don’t know how Tao and Ezekiel are going to get out of jail, don’t know what will happen with Angela.

Things are finally getting interesting since I’ve been feeling like a zombie watching this show for quite awhile. These two episodes still weren’t perfect, there’s still issues with storytelling and characters but…whatever. Let’s hope this show can at least finish a little strong.

And as always, Ertegun was awesome for the five minutes he appeared.


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