Dr. Stone Episode 9 [Light?!]

This episode we finally have a follow up on Tsukasa: Tsukasa didn’t quite trust in the narrative of Senku being dead so he sent a spy to figure out if he was actually dead. Of ourse our new ‘antagonistic’ figure shows up just in time to eat some ramen and think on the concept of who to take sides with. He hides his allegiance to Tsukasa for five minutes before deciding to admit who he is. This new figure, Gen, decides it is a more complicated issue than he thought when he realizes that Senku is making iron. At first he assumes it’s for weapons, but the nation of science is far more complex.

Most of this episode is focused on the nature of Gen’s observation of Senku, and Senku creating a generator to make light. This was a particularly moving episode because it focuses on one of the craziest things to me as a human: conquering the darkness and creating a light that can be seen at all times of day. I actually teared up at this because damn, when you think about how actually impressive we as humans are and how we’ve created genuinely ingenious ways to overpower the limitations of nature, it’s beautiful.

Damn this show! I don’t want to think science is cool! I’m here to watch boobies bounce and marvel at swordplay in high class animation! But every week this show makes me reconsider who I am as a human, and how we all are as human beings. I teared up a lot because of this episode and I think the point of this week won’t be to make Gen tell Tsukasa all the things that Senku as done, but instead to perhaps convince the ‘mentalist’ to join them. It’s hard to turn your back on humanity when you see all of the amazing things it has done.

Dammit, I want to join the kingdom of science. Stupid science anime. Last episode he made freaking noodles! Now this episode he’s reminding us of the marvel of light and how humanity literally beat the 24 hour day and the darkness that limited us before. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the anime where the guy punches lions and the leek haired guy makes electricity is one of my favorite shounen anime.

Stupid scientist Senku.


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