Given – Episode 10

Sometimes in life, you live in the moment and Ritsuka was certainly living in the moment last episode. It’s not even until the beginning of this episode, after watching his sister freak out about being dumped. That it even connects with him that he kissed Mafuyu. Which, of course, leads him to wondering just how it is that Mafuyu thinks of him.
You know, despite having the kiss last episode and having Mafuyu admit to Hiiragi that he was in love with someone new. It didn’t incite the same feelings in me that I got when Mafuyu and Ritsuka were at the ocean at the end of the episode and Mafuyu admitted to being in love with him in person. That, truly felt like a special moment and I honestly don’t know if it was just the way that Mafuyu was drawn in that moment, but it felt like he was truly happy and glowing, it was really breathe taking.

Other things that happened in the episode include Mafuyu getting sick with a fever after the performance, Take-chan (Haruki’s friend) inviting them to a future performance at another venue, where they would be the opening act. The main body of the episode though comes down to the boys deciding the future of the band and working on making their social media site. So, first things first, they need a proper name for the band. They’d been going as ‘The seasons’ for now, because Ritsuka, Haruki, and Akihiko all have a season of the year somewhere in their name. With Mafuyu however, they felt it was time for a change. So, Mafuyu offers up the suggestion of working the word ‘give’ somewhere into their band name. Because he was given the guitar he is currently playing by Yuki’s mother, it was a curse to him at first but now it feels more like a blessing that opened a new doorway for him. So, somehow, working seasons and ‘give’ together. They get ‘Given’, so now we know where the series name comes in.

You know, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad as Haruki got muscled into doing all of the work for social media. Also, god, i know that being good at computers is actually way more of a niche thing and nerdy in Japan that it is in the USA. However, it’s scenes like watching these boys look on in wonder at things that are part of our everyday lives in the states that always make me stop and go “What year was this written?” then, i have to stop and remind myself of the cultural differences.

So, the band is together and Mafuyu has confessed that he is in love to Ritsuka. The feeling is obviously mutual, so, with one episode left. We look at them making another song for the band and we question to ourselves, “Will there be a season two or am I going to have to go read the manga?” because, while there has been a decent amount of emotional fulfillment for Mafufu in the anime. We haven’t gotten any for Haruki, Akihiko or even Ritsuka and I know we have a plotline for Haruki and Akihiko in the manga. Because i have friends who are manga readers.
I also really want to know about and hear the second song that Mafuyu wants to write as well, because, the first one vented his frustration of the loss of Yuki. Now, he could write about Ritsuka or his time with the band or their friends. Really emotionally grow, and i’m proud of him for it. He seemed a lot happier in this episode then he has for the rest of the series, like he was finally able to come to terms with a lot of the things he was struggling with.

The last thought I have about this episode is one that i’ve had for the last few episodes. Like, Akihiko’s ex..does, he seem like a complete jerk to anyone else? Like, is that just me? Am I crazy or does he really come off like something of a horrible person? Not just in the way he treats Akihiko, but like, in the way he thinks about Mafuyu and the band?

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