Kanata no Astra – Episode 12 [Final Impressions]

The first thing I noticed about this final episode was its double length and honestly, I’m thankful for that! I’m not going to say it wasn’t slightly rushed and they cut some corners that I suppose were a bit more touched upon in the manga, maybe, but I’m really satisfied with how the pulled off the ending and I’m also really happy that I picked up this show and covered it. It really has everything I like! Some less important parts that I wouldn’t have liked to see was the originals and the clones face to face and talking. Specially Luca who never got to meet his original, but well, maybe it was better to leave it as it is to preserve the ‘feel good’ atmosphere.

Anyway, let’s back track a bit. The aftermath of Kanata’s accident was really intense and I’m glad they took it up right there and then to clear Charce up of some responsibiility. The first part of the episode as they go back to the planet is absolutely touching. I must admit that I teared up several times as each one of them touched on their memories and connected them to the crew and Kanata and their own growth. This really is the type of story where I can forgive a lot just because the emotional component is solid, you can connect to the characters and they make you feel.

The reveals about the history of humanity were more or less what I imagined. I didn’t think it’d be a century, but it makes sense to cover up the developments of their civilization in the new planet. I wasn’t expecting for them to push so much for the truth to be told to all the citizens, but it’s a nice sentiment. I think I would prefer to maintain the peace, but at the same time, the lies were perpetuating an artificial peace that hid some corruption behind the curtain, so it’s something a bit idealistic, but respectable that they want to include everyone and make them take action for creating their own peace.

I would have liked to see a bit more of the last planet and more interactions between some of the characters, but this story is very plot-driven as well and length was limited, so I can make do with what they gave me. There was a lot of exposition in the last episode, which I expected and felt was a given considering they had to solve a lot of things fast, but it was done in a way that didn’t feel so intrusive or boring. Maybe they characters just grew on me so much that I’m willing to forgive a lot? I don’t see anything bad with the show now. Well, some commenters did point out a couple flaws related to characters being completely oblivious to things that should have been obvious, but I’m good at suspending my disbelief with shows I enjoy.

I figured they would do a timeskip at some point and it was such a pleasure to see the characters afterwards, having accomplished some of the things they dreamed of. Charce as the king was a bit of a surprise, but his actions after making the throne show that he truly was indebted to his friends and wanted to remain and kind and gentle soul. He ended up being one of my favorites in the end. Aries really gained a lot of depth as well in the last couple of episodes! Now she didn’t quite seem to me the genki girl who wanted to be everyone’s friend. When she announces Kanata and her will be getting married and that he even went and asked Charce for her hand I was overcome by emotion!

The humor was back this time around too and I truly had missed it! The fast-fire bickering between Kanata, Charce and Zack as they take off as well as Quitterie doing her straight-man routine after we get comments on her popularity versus Charce’s gave me quite the chuckle. I’m already missing the show and I wish I knew more about what’s going to happen then, if Ulgar will catch onto Funi’s feelings ever and what Polina is doing and what Zack and Quitterie’s kids will be like. I truly enjoyed this cast of characters and their adventures and I’m satisfied with the ending  but I’m also already sad it ended.

Thank you Kanata no Astra for 12 great episodes! I really enjoyed the themes of trust and friendship, of being yourself and trying for the truth to always come through. It feels like it gets harder and harder for a show to elicit so many feelings in me, and despite its flaws, this charming story got me there. Hopefully I’ll find something to recover myself with soon, but for now, thoughts of these characters will stay with me for a bit as I enjoy having found another gem to recommend as a good show.

2 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra – Episode 12 [Final Impressions]

  1. Astra’s mangaka admits the series only became more popular with readers towards the end (around Vols 4-5). He thinks the mystery aspect led to most readers putting Astra on hold until the mystery was revealed.

    Shinohara says he might want to return to doing a gag manga again, but wants to go on a more relaxed pace (for stress avoidance and to raise his new family) and to make sure he doesn’t accidentally end up rehashing Sket Dance’s jokes.

    1. Yeah, it did felt a bit draggy at times. It was full of nice twists though. I had forgotten this manga was by Shinohara! That explains the humor and why I liked that aspect so much.

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