Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 24: Rehabilitation Training

Training arc! Again! Time has passed and the boys are thankfully recovering from their awful injuries. Tanjiro and Inosuke are healing faster, as Zenitsu’s injuries were much worse. And he’s putting up a fight because the medicine tastes terrible, and honestly I can relate. Even though I hate taking pills, I’d rather take those than forcing down a terrible tasting medicine that makes me gag. >_>

It was a pretty simple episode but pretty fun. It was interesting to see the rehab training they had to do, one of which not really being training but just a really insane massage and stretch session. The other exercises with the cup game and tag tested their reflexes and built up stamina again. It all sounds and looked easy, but with these girls that personally trained under Shinobu it was anything but. The massage and stretches were pretty extreme, the cup game with Kanao was pretty impossible (at least for Tanjiro), and I just wonder how long the tag game was. It was funny seeing Zenitsu freaking out over seeing Tanjiro and Inosuke coming back to the room like exhausted zombies. Eventually Zenitsu joined in and…enjoyed seeing all the girls and stuff. But then the intensity of the rehab got to him too, and in the end Tanjiro was the only one that continued.

There’s still a lot of mystery when it comes to Kanao and she still hasn’t said a word yet, but it looks like next episode will be about her so that’s exciting. Tanjiro got a little push in training when those three cute girls mentioned training the breathing technique for basically 24/7. The scene with the gourd was hilarious, and those girls are just so cute and supportive.

The only notable part of the episode wasn’t until the very end with Shinobu. Tanjiro’s nose is really amazing because he’s able to smell emotion, like wow. And because of this he was able to tell that Shinobu was actually angry. Even though she has a smile on her face all the time and she’s a bit of a teasing person, she has her own personal baggage. The reason she was able to accept Nezuko first makes a lot of sense when we learn about her late sister who was killed by a demon. Her older sister had a dream that one day humans would be able to get along with demons, something which Shinobu could never really understand herself. How could you show pity to something that mercilessly kills innocent lives? Which is understandable after coming across all the different types of demons we’ve seen in this show, all of them being extremely heartless. And yet Tanjiro is able to show the same pity, and Shinobu even tells him that he’s very similar to her late sister. Shinobu opens up and wishes for Tanjiro to fulfill her sister’s dream before leaving. It was the first time we’ve seen her so serious, and it was surprising to see her be so honest. She’s in a constant state of anger, and the only reason why she has a smile on her face is because of her sister. It does sound exhausting and I don’t blame her in reaching out to him. It was a really tender moment between them and a great look into Shinobu’s character, and it makes me like her even more. Safe to say that Tanjiro and Nezuko have another Hashira ally, so good for them.

Next episode will be about Kanao, thankfully. Zenitsu was his usual self, and Inosuke was still sad. Which makes me sad. Poor guy, his voice is still damaged and it just makes me feel so bad for him. Also it’s still funny that he continues to wear the boar mask. I don’t know but it just looks so funny with his jammies, it just doesn’t go with the clothes and it looks funny. Whatever, I hope he can feel better soon. Even though his arrogant and boastful nature was annoying, it’s just weird not seeing him act like his usual self.


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