Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 25: Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri

The training continues and Tanjiro is fully committed to learning Total Concentration Breathing, so much so that he asks the sweet girls to beat the hell out of him at night if he stops training while sleeping. And they follow through and it’s hilarious, though I would guess that Zenitsu and Inosuke didn’t sleep well those nights. Tanjiro is the only one to continue his training, though watching him work so hard and get stronger, Zenitsu and Inosuke (who seems back to normal now) eventually cave. And part of that was Tanjiro, but the other half was Shinobu baiting them. Her different approaches for each boy was hilarious, and it just makes me love Shinobu even more. Also, she really did adopt her sister’s smile and sweet voice.

Tanjiro has really improved in every field. As usual, he puts his all into his training and it’s really paid off. Because he’s started the Total Concentration Breathing, his stamina has risen to higher levels and it’s started to show in his training. He’s able to explode the small gourd the girls showed him, and he was also able to win in the tag and cup game against Kanao. Zenitsu and Inosuke aren’t even close so they have their work cut out for them, but Tanjiro is back in tip-top shape by the end of the episode. Yay!

We get some details about Fire Breathing/Flame Breathing since Tanjiro mentioned it to Shinobu. It’s interesting that there’s a difference between Fire and Flame Breathing, but Shinobu doesn’t know it herself. If we want answers for that, we need Rengoku. So considering there’s only one episode left, we’re not going to get answers any time soon. Still, it does make me curious. Tanjiro was trained in Water Breathing, but he was able to use Fire. It’s never been explained (I think) whether someone is able to use more than one Breathing Technique. It would make more sense to be proficient in one, but maybe Tanjiro is an anomaly?

Kanao still didn’t say a word this episode other than her inner thoughts, but we did get to see how she met with Shinobu and her sister. Seeing a much rowdier Shinobu was really interesting to see as now she’s a completely different person. Not just in the smile and sweet voice, but Shinobu really resembles her sister in personality as well. Of course, there’s a bit of sadism there too. Kanao’s mannerisms really make sense when learning how she grew up. The “snap” she was talking about was basically the snap of her mentality breaking apart. Instead of crying, being hungry, or feeling any pain, it’s like she just shut everything off and existed among everyone. She grew up in extreme poverty, in an abusive home, and eventually she was sold off. It was a miserable existence and her behavior makes sense, and I think many people who grew up like her experienced the same trauma and mentality. Not eating unless told to, not speaking unless spoken to all aligns to an extremely controlling and abusive upbringing. It’s really sad, but thankfully she was able to grow up in a nice and caring home with the Kocho family. One interesting thing was the coin Big Sis gave Kanao, to flip when wanting to make a decision. Her words were very sweet, saying that in time a person’s soul will open up and that one day she’ll find a boy she’ll love and she’ll change. And after that, we see Kanao look over at Tanjiro.

Hmmmmmmm…I see.

The boys get their reforged swords and their reactions to Inosuke chipping it with a rock cracked me up. Even more funny that he was somehow able to perfectly chip the sword to how it was before, with round edges and such. A pretty entertaining episode, and it looks like Nezuko somehow knows how to speak telepathically. Whatever it is, it’s nice to hear her speak. :’)

We’re left with a cliffhanger of a demon (a Kizuki) causing trouble in a train, and it looks like that’s going to be the next mission. It looks like it’ll be really exciting. Would be a shame if the anime would end right at the start of a new arc. If only…there were another season. Hm. 🙂

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  1. Anyone could use any breathing Style they want, but to master that style require the users compatibility, that why there so many Breath Styles, people with difference attitude is more compatible to certain styles. Tanjirou isn’t really compatible with Water breathing so he can be good at it with training, he still can’t never reach Kiyuu level. Everyone can use multiple styles but they always prefer suing one style that really good at instead of a bunch of styles that they only OK at.

  2. The demon in the last shot is not a kizuki. You can spot a kizuki by the tattoo showing their position in their eye or eyes. Lower moon has their tattoo in only one eye. Upper moon has the upper moon tattoo on one eye and their number on the other

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