Star Twinkle Precure Episode 30

Wow, for moment there I thought I was going to have to sit through a situation of a precious A.I. who has developed a free-will of a sorts was going to meet their demise because of the enemy (Ayewan). God I teared up then because damn it, it really wasn’t that long ago I had to sit through that in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS,  so it was almost like rubbing salt on my wounded heart, so to speak— but luckily for us, Lala’s A.I. was not lost for good. Thanks to the data she had collected on Lala and the girls, and exchanged with Mother, while she’s not precisely the same, she was able to reclaim much of her personality I have come to love. (Especially the the mischievous intervention we got to see this week!)

We also got to see just how sad of a state Samaan’s society becomes when their ‘Mother’ A.I. gets hijacked by external forces. The people are so reliant on A.I. technology, that as soon as it was turned against them, the situation was completely out of their control. And had the girls not intervened, man, it probably would have taken quite some time before they figure out they got to use their own heads properly. Lala served as a shining example of what the privilege of having the opportunity to travel across the universe, visit not just Earth, but various other planets and learn so much about herself and the way other societies function.

Overall, I thought this episode was good, but there were still a couple of things that bothered me. One, Lala nor the girls received a formal apology for being accused of thieves. And two, although the girls didn’t really have time to stick around due to the presence of the Starscape Alliance, I would have liked Lala to have received proper recognition (with the exception of her own family). Everyone, up until the moment she revealed she was a Precure didn’t believe in her, and that really ticks me off…but suppose she will get all that by the end of the series, so we will have to wait until then.

But if there was one thing I REALLY LIKED about this episode, was how they continued to expand on Ayewon’s grudge and selfishness. Back in episode 27, the girls (or rather Yuni) tried to set Ayewon straight, but she didn’t care for it. And this week, we saw how her priorities has effectively shifted away from the Princess Pen altogether. Instead, it’s all about her personal grudge against Yuni, and boy, she isn’t messing around. What’s also great about her recent development, is how even though she has been kicked out of the Notraiders, she is still willing to work alongside with her former colleagues, and vice versa (at least with Tenjou) so as long it enables her to achieve her goal.

With only one Princess Pen left (Pisces), the girls job to restore the Princess Powers seem just within reach, but I can’t imagine it will go smoothly with but with the Starscape Alliance hot on their heels, and Master Darkest preparing his next move. The last clip in the preview is quite alarming considering Hikaru is in rough shape. Yikes. Looks like it’s time for things to get ugly for everyone.


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3 thoughts on “Star Twinkle Precure Episode 30

  1. To be honest, I don’t really feel sad about that scene mainly because 1) I KNOW that the AI will not “die” that fast, as Precure has rarely changed the status quo in the middle of the story, and 2) the AI did not interact with the characters that often, and even if she did, it was more of an interaction between a person and a machine, the AI did not show any independent thinking until last episode, so any connections I have with the AI is completely lost.
    I do agree, that no apologies are given to Lala after she was wrongly accused, and no counter measures are thought after this experience by the people of Saman. Maybe this will become Lala’s next goal in the future, who knows? It is also interesting that the Precures will also have to deal with the Starry Alliance as well.
    Aione has pretty much taken Tenjo’s position as the strategist, and Tenjo has taken Aione’s old spot. This really shows how Tenjo has fallen and how Aione grew to become a better villain than her. I also would like to point out that the fight scene in this episode is lame, just skill spamming. I think Toei is probably saving budget for the next 2 episodes, which are going to be big ones.
    Looking forward to see Hikaru aka Cure Star losing.

  2. Notice: Due to sickness, Star Twinkle Precure entry will be delayed and released as a a doublepost next week. I am sorry I couldn’t get the notice out sooner. 😷 – Eva

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