BEASTARS – Episode 3

The episode title this week is a bit ominous! I didn’t know what to expect when I first read it. Later when I realized the significance for it, I liked it. It was quite a moment for Legoshi, but anyway, let’s go in order!

First things first, I was quite intrigued with how the conversation was going to develop after Haru took off her clothes in front of Legosi, but the episode doesn’t start out from here. Instead, we get a bit of insight into how Haru got her infamous reputation and why she’s behaving this way around Legoshi. It’s quite an interesting conversation among the herbivores at the beginning because it shows the traditional double standard of a female not having the same permissions as males. She’s looked down upon for having many sexual partners, but the judgement is coming from someone who is cheating on his girlfriend. Hypocrisy all over the place!

Anyway, it seems Haru has become used to this pattern of being approached, used and discarded and now she just goes along with it. The funny thing is that this makes it seem like she’s the one who’s taking advantage of the males. She’s very forward with Legoshi, so she’s quite confused when he covers her with a sheet instead and leaves without doing anything. Legoshi doesn’t really know what to make of the whole thing either, even when his club mate tells him about Haru’s reputation. Actually, he takes the oportunity to reflect on his own lack of experience and he doesn’t seem disappointed by her at all.

On a completely different note, we also find out this time around that the drama club has a special kind of requirement for admission that Legoshi didn’t seem to know about. It turns out that the recruiter pays close attention to the circumstances of the members he recruits and he always chooses people who have some sort of thing going on in their lives. Legoshi seems to be curious about Louis’ circumstances, but honestly I’m more interested in what the recruiter saw in Legoshi.

I’ve stopped feeling sorry for Louis. He’s quite an interesting character, the fact that he’s obviously repelled by Legoshi because he’s envious of Legoshi’s natural strength. Legoshi on the other hand admires Louis precisely because Louis has the sort of strength he’s cultivated over time, not something that people expect of him. I Think he was very shocked to see his own fierce-looking reflection on Legoshi’s fangs. Either way, it was a tremendously well-crafted scene. Very good tension.

The reason why I don’t know how to feel about Louis is because he’s certainly trying his hardest for something and he works tremendously for it. I admire his determination, but I don’t like that he seems himself above others and puts people down in his own head, even if he acts impeccably when he addresses them in person. That kind of personality doesn’t sit well with me.

I also liked the concept of the enviromental day, where the animals are expected to blend in with other animals of their own kind. I suppose it gives them a sort of biological boost too? I’m not sure, but either way, I liked it. It was also nice to see Legoshi understand that he’s feeling happy and wants to see Haru again. This is where we learn the significance of the episode’s title. Legoshi has never felt like anyone had seen him or treated him as a male wolf until this and now it’s happening.

This show has quite a lot of layers. I like how thoughtful it makes me and I’m enjoying trying to find more things to think about in it. I enjoy the characters a lot and I’m wondering how the situation with Louis will be resolved next episode. Will he fall from grace? We’ll see what happens.

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