CHOYOYU! – Episode 3

I feel like a lot of things happened in this episode, so we’re going to have to break them down individually.

First, we finish off Masato’s arc as he sort of brings down the giant monopoly by cutting a deal with them. A monopoly, in general, is bad, so the two trading companies will be sharing the area and functioning in tandem to avoid having the situation again. With all of that said and done, it’s time for Masato, Elk and Roo to head back to the village but they run into a problem while out on the pier. A group of men run up and ask Masato what he is doing with their goods, in other words, Roo was a runaway slave.
She promises Masato that she’ll become a successful merchant with what she learns from him and pay him back after she buys her parents back, until then, she needs him to buy her. Impressed by her sheer force of will, he pays for her and pays well above what she’s worth so they won’t try to come for her again. I like the message behind this scene, about how money can be used to help other people and not just yourself. ‘I’ve never known that it could feel so good to spend money.’ it can, for the right cause.

Next, we have a fight with Aoi and the bear. Not just any bear but a sort of rock bear. While a group of the villagers was out hunting, they were attacked by this rock bear and one of them was gravely injured. The major of the town, the father of Winona is on the brink of death and the men are under attack. This is where Aoi and Keine get to shine. I couldn’t help but just start laughing despite how series it was though. Like, where did Kaine even pull all of the things she needed to perform that surgery out of?
Thin air? Can she magically summon medical equipment out of thin air? Like, this is so absurd and I kind of wish this was a little less of a straight-laced show and it would question things like that. Building a cell tower from the plane parts? Sure, whatever. Making lighter shovels out of aluminum gathered from the trading materials? Using those lighter shovels to make a hot spring? Whatever! Randomly, magically appearing surgical tools is where I stop and go ‘Wait, what?’ like maybe if she’d been carrying a bag with her in any scene I’d believe she had them on her when they crashed. I don’t know why I’m so stuck on this.

Anyway, while all of that is going on. At the village, a group of soldiers shows up to harass them again but this time they have orders from the lord of the land to torch the blasphemers. Their crime? Making and using money, yeah, apparently the financial oppression is so bad in this area that for commoners to touch the currency is against the rules and punishable by death. Yikes, that’s pretty rough. Welp, that’s the end fo everyone inside the village. Just kidding, they had Prince Akatsuki. Master magician there to save them from being lit up.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything to save the elf. Who the guards looked at like she was something special, now she’s been kidnapped and I’m pretty sure Tsukasa is about to magically summon a gun the same way that Keine summoned her medical equipment and bust a cap in someone’s ass.

That’s where we leave off this week. I’m interested in seeing how the show is going to handle the rescue of Lyrule and how things will go from here.

2 thoughts on “CHOYOYU! – Episode 3

  1. The LN/manga mentions the bathhouse uses recycled cooling water, it’s not a hot spring.
    They’ve been pumping water to Ringo’s aluminium machine as coolant. Rather than just dumping the hot water, Tsukasa decided to use it for the bathhouse. Ringo’s also accounted for storage and treatment of related industrial waste.

    The religious persecution angle and the imperial dragon plot points got me thinking.
    It’s possible the 7 heroes religion talked about them destroying an evil dragon of sorts. Said dragon could have gained control of the Empire long ago and positioned itself as its highest authority. It conquers the lands to extend its power, and then shuts down religions not just to enforce worship to itself, but to also hide evidence of its existence.

  2. I deeply apologize for the delay in the release of Choyoyu episode 4, due to personal circumstances and my mental health. I’m going to delay the release as a double post with episode 5.

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