Radiant 2nd Season Episode 4

This episode was definitely interesting, especially since we get to see a little more on what goes on within the Sorcerer Knights and just how they are supposed to act during a mission. Knights are supposed to follow orders no matter what, even if it means causing potential harm to those in the area. Now, I can understand the importance of following orders, however, I did appreciate Seth pointing out how protecting the people isn’t just physically protecting them, but protecting their way of life as well. He’s definitely starting to view the bigger picture now. Thankfully, Okoha decides to take what Seth has to heart and shields the fields with the ability Cromen.

I am really curious about these Spectral Nemesis though as they seem to be even more of a mystery than normal Nemesis. They almost look like ghosts in a sense as their bodies are transparent and seem to disappear when the surrounding area of fantasia dissipates. It honestly felt like the knights really had no clue on how to take that thing down. Not to mention somehow only those two knights’ attacks work on it. What makes them so special?

Speaking of special, my goodness the captain was kind of a piece of crap. Not only does he only praise Mordred and Sagramore, saying that they’re the only ones who will be great knights, but he then goes to call everyone else useless scum. What the heck, man?! Way to lower the morale and put down the others who are just trying their best. Though I was a little bit annoyed at those who just ratted Okoha out for trying to protect the fields. Yes she went against orders, but it was honestly for the greater good and probably saved at least a decent amount of the farmer’s harvest instead of letting it all be destroyed. And I don’t know about you, but the “teamwork” that the captain was spouting off sounded more like just following orders blindly.

We then meet the Queen of the land and she is… very interesting. For one, she’s freaking GIANT and my first thought was: What the heck are you???  I’m not crazy about her character since I was never into the “ara ara” types. Not to mention there were a little too much unnecessary “don’t look up or you’ll see up my skirt” kind of humor with her. Though, she may grow on me or I may end up hating her by the end since it’s obvious from the opening that she is a very important character that we should keep an eye on. However, she doesn’t seem to be a terrible person. While I’m not sure if I’m fully convinced of her spiel of “her people’s pain are her own pain,” I can at least respect her for hearing out the farmer’s concerns about what has been going on lately with the Spectral Nemesis and apparently a Dullhan. Though I am a little suspicious of that one farmer since he looked more nervous than relieved after the Queen took his pleas seriously. Something is definitely up with either the Queen or the people. I do appreciate her praising Ocoho for protecting the land but also still addressing the dangers of not following orders. You win some, you lose some I suppose.

Once the Queen leaves, I got really worried about what will be Ocoho’s fate, especially with how happy she was. While the Queen did praise her efforts, I feel that may have provoked jealousy from others, which would cause them to turn on her. I like Ocoho so far and I don’t want to see her get hurt. She was way too happy in that moment and it’s most likely not going to end well for her. Especially since she quickly grazed over how mad the captain was at her. I’m sure that will come back to bite her in the butt since he doesn’t seem too fond of her. PROTECT OCOHO.

Also, can we just talk about how no one besides Ocoho seemed to acknowledge Seth was even there??? Even when he was the only one who wasn’t bowing and was the only one not in armor. Not even the Queen acknowledged him… I’d at least think that the captain would yell at him, especially since he wasn’t even supposed to be with them in the first place.

I didn’t expect Grimm to show up again so soon, but boy did I get a laugh at him just standing in the middle of the field, pretending to be a scarecrow. And then I was rolling when Seth went up to him and copied his scarecrow pose with him. SETH WHY?! Anyways, it seems that Grimm wants to acquire a memory stone that was used by the sorcerer, Magosia for some reason and asks Seth to get it for him. I hate seeing requests like this play out because even though Grimm just wants to “borrow” it, it’s still stealing and most likely Seth is going to get in trouble because of it. Whelp, guess we’ll see how this all goes down.

In any case, I’m actually really liking Seth having these heart-to-hearts with Grimm this season. Though I’m sure it’s because he’s literally the only one he knows there, but it’s nice to see them interact. Especially since they kind of have this strange relationship of just doing weird things together but talking as if nothing is wrong. Which is great. It’s also interesting to see Grimm provide a different perspective on things and I’m just so glad that he addressed how leaving Melie and Doc behind would cause misunderstandings between them and Seth. I honestly said to my screen, “No DUR they’re upset with you leaving without telling them, Seth.” Though I’m sure it’s more Melie than Doc. It’s kind of endearing to see Grimm try and give Seth advice and I had a good chuckle when he mentions that he’s the master of unwanted misunderstandings. And judging from last season, that statement definitely rings true.

I wonder if we’ll find out more about Grimm this season, like his backstory and whatnot. They keep dropping lots of mystery bits about him and it makes me so curious about what happened in his past. Especially with the amount of times he goes silent when Seth asks him certain things. Wouldn’t it be crazy if he was the supposed dead King of the land that the Queen talked about earlier??? Who knows, that’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

This episode had its ups and downs. However, it still doing a far better job than the first season since it’s been keeping up a steady plot so far. (Watch it just show me up next episode) I worry for Ocoho since she may be punished for what she did and the attention she got from the Queen. Hopefully nothing TOO bad happens, but I seriously wouldn’t count on it. The animation was kind of weird at points with Seth’s proportions being all over the place at times. But I guess I’ve seen worse. I’m worried what will go down next episode, especially with the Dullhand business that was shown in the last few minutes. Does it have any connection to the Spectral Nemesis? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see~


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