Assassin’s Pride Episode 6: The Gray Witch

What the hell was this episode? 🙂

Honestly, why in god’s name did they think this was a good episode? This show does not need any filler, at all. With how short the show is, and with how much they’ve cut out from its source material, we NEEDED an episode around worldbuilding. BADLY. But nope! Let’s just have a silly episode that adds nothing!

Because cute girls! Yeah!

We don’t know anything about how mana works, we haven’t seen any of Melida’s training, we haven’t gotten anything else about Kufa being a vampire, but here have a scene where 12 year old girls are covered in goo as they try to grope the girl with the biggest boobs. Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m just going to keep this short and sweet. This episode was bad, probably even worse than last week’s. This was a complete waste of an episode, where they could have used it to further the worldbuilding or the plot or character relationships, but for some reason they decided to give us a silly “comedy” episode. I use “comedy” lightly because I didn’t find any of it funny, not even entertaining. To simply summarize it, the girls of both academies throw their own pajama party and hang out together. Mule tells a ghost story, a figure from the story shows up, torments the girls, turns out Rosetti and Kufa were behind it all.

I was bored and could already tell from the start once the girls were telling the ghost story what direction this was going to take. And it was painfully obvious that it was Rosetti who was the witch, so the whole chase was dumb and just boring. And it was gross and weird, showing these very young girls in lewd scenes. And the whole groping scene was extremely stupid because they were literally screaming in terror, and then all of a sudden the mood shifts to wanting to grope boobs. It just didn’t fit the scene at all and was just inappropriate in so many ways.

Ignoring all of that, the biggest question is why the hell are Melida and Ellie hanging out with Mule and Sala? It feels like we skipped an episode because last week they never spoke to each other once, except Mule popping up out of nowhere for a few seconds. We’ve never seen them talk to each other normally, but somehow they became friends and hung out with each other at the party? What the hell?

The anime keeps cutting out so many things that things just aren’t even making sense anymore. I accepted it in the beginning because I thought the anime team wouldn’t keep doing this, but it looks like they’re just chopping up more things as they go along and giving us…whatever the hell this is. Sure, cut out Melida’s bonding and training with Kufa, cut out the explanation on how mana and classes work, let’s not even bother giving Kufa some character development, but NO! We can’t cut out the slumber party! We need cute girls doing cute things!

Fucking hell. There’s literally nothing else for me to say here because I’m just going to keep complaining and that’s no fun. I don’t even know where we’re going to go from here. Literally anything goes now because so much is being cut out and nothing makes sense anymore. And it just makes me beyond frustrated.


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2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Pride Episode 6: The Gray Witch

  1. This episode adapts a sidestory source LN volume, Secret Garden. It’s canon in the timeline, but from what I hear it covers fluffier downtime content compared to the action-driven main story.

    Apparently the general issue some readers have is the anime cuts out the LN’s subtleties; the various character banter and interactions that are minor as a whole but add to their personalities. Like Kufa’s cheeky side, or Rosetti’s determination to fight by Kufa’s side.

    1. Now’s not the time to be covering sidestories. -__-

      Yup, that’s another thing. We’ve spent a lot of time with Melida, that’s fine, but we haven’t really had any focus on Kufa or the other characters. They all just feel so flat and I’d like to see more character interactions. But the show is moving so fast with its plot that we just don’t have time for anything else. So unfortunate.

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