Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 5

Another light-hearted fun episode! This time around my wish came through and they actually get a request! Well, sort of. Purple asks them for help working part-time at a local attractions park and at first they think of refusing, but they end up going out of pity and in case of Hijiri, out of wanting to get some money to get herself a 10,000 piece puzzle. Her hobby is so cute.

This time around it follows all the characters again, but Yellow seems to get a bit of the limelight. Once they get to the park the next day, all of them are notified that they only have to work for that one day. That’s quite convenient so they don’t have to keep going, but well, it’ll accept it. I could totally be possible. Once everyone is dressed and ready, they are assigned their roles for the day.

Both Red and Yellow are quite excited about their roles. Red is supposed to help out with the hero show, which seems to be his dream come true. The scenes where he hijacks the show and improvises the script are pretty funny, but also painful since you can see just how far his chuunnibyou goes. He has lost touch with reality to the point where people talk to him and he’s in fantasy land. Well, we have seen this is the case at school, but to do it at his part-time job… I fear for his future.

Purple is assigned to the Nya Nya Train and he’s super reluctant to do it, but eventually one of his sisters bullies him into becoming serious about it and he passionately starts throwing out nyas here and there. The job seems very exhausting and there isn’t really any sort of development on this side, just comedic relief.

Pink is assigned park surveillance duty. She helps direct people around the place and she pays attention to how the park looks. The good thing is that her position is flexible enough for her to be able to spy on all of the guys. This is more or less how we learn about what all of them are doing.

Black and Green are assigned to food duty and this part is once again my favorite. I just love the way Black talks! When someone orders the food and he relies the order to Green in a bunch of weird ass descriptions, Green is quite angry at first, since he can’t figure out what Black is requesting, but eventually they get into a rhythm since Green was able to decode what Black wants. Pink is confused by the fact that people seem to actually enjoy this kind of service! Honestly, I’d love it. Having a butler and maid cafe with a server like that would be a blast.

Yellow is assigned to the lost children duty and he seems okay with it. Later on Pink brings a lost child to the center and Yellow becomes incredibly excited when he notices she has a Sora-chan pin on her dress. He bonds with her over Sora-chan and comforts her until her mother picks her up. As he sings for her and plays with her, another lost child is brought into the center by an older man who seems impressed by Yellow’s performance.

We eventually find out this man is the one in charge of doing Sora-chan’s performance while wearing a Sora-chan suit. Pink fears Yellow’s bitter disappointment, but instead he shows great admiration for this man.

In the end and very expectedly, the man becomes injured and Yellow has to stand in for him as Sora-chan. At first he’s very excited by the whole thing and doing great, but soon enough he steps on one of the wires accidentally and the music cuts off. As the girls sit there confused, Yellow doesn’t know what to do and it seems like it’ll end in disaster, but then something very touching happens! The girl that Yellow comforter earlier decides to start singing and soon enough all the other girls join! It’s a super cute and sweet moment that encourages Yellow to go on with the show. Pink is impressed by his attitude and she even ends up seeing Sora-chan in his performance! I honestly really enjoyed this part of the episode because it celebrates that despite how embarrassing our own hobbies can be, being passionate about something and loving it a lot is a pure thing.

There was a trio of suspicious-looking characters at the end and I wonder what their involvement will be from now on. All in all, another entertaining episode that ended up being a bit deeper than I expected! I hope they will have another summer vacation episode before school starts up again, but if it doesn’t happen, it’ll be okay. This one was satisfying enough.

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