Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 6 & 7

Sorry for the long wait and thanks for waiting! I know I’m a bit behind, but I’ll catch up quickly.

Episode 6

Thankfully, we start the episode learning that the suspicious students we saw at the end of the previous episode are members of the school’s student council. They are quite cartoonish and that satisfies me! I’m easy to please in the comedy department. Anyway, I thought they’d try to do something about the Hero club right away, but instead they decide to observe them for a little longer.

That aside, it’s time for the sports festival in the school! The hero club receives a lot of requests for help in the different events of the festival and Red is overjoyed to accept all of them. The festival looks like it’s going to be fun since the guys are very competitive among each other, well, with the exception of yellow who only really cares about 2D and Sora-chan.

The members will be participarting in quite a few event and they have to prepare. The part where read is teaching them how to train really made me laugh because of how ridiculous and exaggerated it is. The most important will be the cavarly battle and it’s easy to imagine this will become a big part of the episode.

We also learn some more information about the characters, like Red being involved in the sports festival organization comittee and Yellow being a part of the broadcasting club. I must say it fits him and he offered cute commentary, too!

There are a lot of funny little shenanigans and situations during the episode, the most exciting and hilarious for me being the ones that involve Black or the ones where Pink tsukkomi’s someone’s stupid joke, but the focus of this episode is definitely a growing rivalry between Red and Green in the events!

It’s obvious Green is proud and that he’s used to being the best. It’s also kind of obvious why Purple is so much of a show-off, with a cousin like that he was probably always trying to complete and outperform Green. Green is not satisfied when he continues to be number 2 over and over in the events and Red is just taking 1st every time! In the end Green isn’t satisfied until it’s time for them to face off individually and man, is it worth it! It’s very exciting!

Obviously, they get branded a disturbance, of course, which makes me guess the student countil will be making their move very soon!

Episode 7

In this episode Hijiri finally realizes that she actually enjoys being around the Hero club members and helping people out along with them. Just as this happens, she’s summoned by the student council and they basically threaten the Hero club unless she does something about keeping them in line until they’re done with the school’s culture festival.

This is quite a difficult job for Hijiri, but she’s up for the task and she tries very hard to assign the tasks to the members in a way that will make them cause the least disruption around them as possible. This is always difficult for Red, though! He’s definitely the worst offender.

She manages to get them all of to participate in club activities separately and this puzzles Red, but she just gets him not to question her by giving him a Hero ticket from the ones he gave her earlier in the show. Everything seems to be going all right, but Pink is under a lot of pressure as she notices that she’s being spied on and followed by the student council members.

There is a commotion due to Green’s popularity with females and Hijiri realizes that her situation is much more difficult to manage that she originally imagined, so next time they have a Hero Club meeting, she lies about them having a request and she just tries to send them home.

After she leaves on her own to fulfill the request, the members of the club discuss the fact that she has been acting strange. Soon enough they find out that the student countil people have been in touch with her and they sympathize with Pink’s situation.

The most touching moment was when they rushed out to help her after realizing that she may be in a dire situation! In the end they are able to save her and she is overjoyed and thankful afterwards. It was a really cute development.

I’m also glad she finally agreed to take her role, even if she still doesn’t like to be called Pink. The whole moment was dampened by the student council’s looming present though, but I really want to know how things will evolve from here on!

My favorite thing about the student council is how their intentions are hinted to the viewer through the dictionary sitting on the table. It’s a little heavy-handed, but I think it fits the rest of the show very much.

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