Kono Oto Tomare Episode 22

At long last, it is time for the Kanagawa Qualifiers. There are fourteen schools will be fighting for the one slot available to compete in the National competition. Among them, Tokise’s biggest rivals are Himesaka, the formerly undefeated reigning champions, that is until the dark horse Hakuto put an unexpected ended of their victorious streak. They will be judge by reputable judges, and covered by a pair of reporters, one who is well versed with the koto and his clumsy assistant who doesn’t understand it at all.

Frankly not a lot happened this week because the competition itself had not begun until the very end of the episode. Instead, it focused on the characters and their respective groups interactions, giving us insight how schools like Himesaka and Hakuto are also fighting to win because they too have something at stake. As a manga reader, I already know what they are, but for the newcomers, you will have to wait another week or two for the full story. There isn’t much I can divulge right now, so I will refrain from making any comments about Kazusa and Hakuto’s adorable advisor Yamamato Aishin and Mio. As such, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, I would probably recommend you just wait until the next one, and watch these two back-to-back so you won’t have to suffer from ending the episode right when the performances are about to begin

Of course that isn’t to say this episode isn’t worth watching now. It is fluffy and wholesome enough to make your eyes water, because mine certainly did and more. The first instance was when Satowa reveals she had made charms for everyone as a thank you gift for their support. It is so endearing to see our soft-hearted group burst into tears over it, with the exception of Takezou and Takinami being the only two to hold it together. Chika, though he didn’t cry, was so touched by it, that he didn’t know how to react. It was the first time he had received a charm from anyone, and having been kicked to the curb by his father, and used by others in ugly fights, a charm for him is an incredibly special gift.


The next was when our favourite Granny expressed how she considers them as her own grandchildren and that they will be okay. I freaking burst into tears when Chika told her he is glad to have her since his grandfather isn’t around to hear his performance, and vows to take her to Nationals with them. IT THAT ISN’T PRECIOUS I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. UGH MY EMOTIONS. I am just so happy that Chika has found himself true family, one that will always have his back. I know his relationship with is aunt is just as good, but the bond he shares with Granny is special, similarly to the one he shared with his grandfather. Gosh, I have a lot of feelings about this, it gets me every time.

But Chika isn’t the only one who has someone watching their back. It was absolutely fantastic to see Akira take the matters into her own hands by litterally dragging Satowa’s mother and her own grandmother to the competition! She showed us how fed up she was with everyone’s cowardice, and how she won’t stand for anyone needlessly suffering longer than they should be! And goodness ugh, I can understand why Satowa’s mother is hesitant, but come on, your daughter is reaching out to you and being a coward about it isn’t going to improve the situation!

Speaking of family! I am so glad that Takezou’s parents are going to the competition. It think it is absolutely wonderful that his parents supports him in what he does! Too bad his brother Takeru has to be such a tsundere about it. He says he will only come to watch if they make it to Nationals.

And lastly the cutest moment of the episode has to go to one of my favourite ships, Takeru and Hiro! OH GOSH THEY ARE SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! She was worried about getting onto the wrong train because she was so nervous about the competition, so she decided to wait in front of Takezou’s place so they could go together. BUT BECAUSE SHE WAS WAITING OUTSIDE TAKEZOU NOTICED SHE WAS COLD AND GAVE HER HIS GLOVES AND THEY HELD HANDS AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEIR EXPRESSIONS WERE SO ADORABLE. AHEM. Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself, hehe. Hiro has to be the cutest girl-in-love I have ever seen. Also DAMN, Takezou has no idea just how smooth he is!!! I love this ship so much.

Look forward to next week’s episode, it will be covering Himesaka’s story of what is at stake!


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2 thoughts on “Kono Oto Tomare Episode 22

  1. Akira is really turning into my new fav. She’s like my spirit animal lately. Come on, I just can’t wait for their performance but I think it’ll be save on the finale. So, possibly next week we will be treated to the performance of Himesaka, and Hakuto.

    1. <3 Akira is a wonderful character! Himesaka is guaranteed for this week, but for Hakuto I suspect we will have to wait another episode or two. GAH, I hate that it’s almost over. I have the mighty need for the announcement that they will be doing another season hahahahaha! Unfortunately we will probably have to wait a bit for the next one though since the anime is quickly catching up to the manga. xDDDDD

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