Radiant 2nd Season Episode 6

Wow… this episode was WILD. So far, this season has been impressing me and has shown me just how engaging this series can be. While there are some things that are kind of dumb and Lerche is defintitely going lower budget with this series (don’t think I haven’t seen that crappy animation and reused shots no more than one occasion!), this second season is way better than the first by far right now. Watch me eat those words when this arc ends and we end up in filler purgatory again. Though it might be a while before that happens (if at all) as we’re still dealing with the spectre nemesis and the guy who is apparently using it to cause chaos. We haven’t even revisited the dullahan yet. Nor has it appeared since its first appearance a couple eps back.

It’s great that Seth actually calls Alma now to keep in contact. Though Alma hilariously pulls such a mom mood by telling her to call her more. She’s like a mother who’s kid is away at college. Oh Alma~ I’m honestly really glad that Seth is putting more effort into communicating more with Alma. Though I’m sure she pounded it enough into his head. However, I do appreciate that Seth is at least opening up to someone about his issues. Especially with his weird dreams which I’m actually surprised he came clean about. Not to mention, Alma doesn’t give him straight forward answers. She’ll tell him to go figure stuff out on his own and try and point him in the right direction like a good parent. Your kids won’t grow unless you let them figure things out on their own. Man, I love their relationship so much.

The guy with the closed eyes… he’s starting to be a bit shady. Though I have to admit I died over Seth and Dracoon’s reactions when he kiss Ocoho. But after he kissed her cheek, Ocoho looked like she had become possessed by something. Though we don’t see what happened to her after that since the next time we see her she seems completely fine. He even was trying REALLY hard to bring the trainee knights in on his own and looked rather dismayed at the fact that Ocoho will be watching over the trainees rather than himself. Not to mention his partner in crime, Sagramore is suspiciously missing as well. Not sure if he’s in on something or something happened to him. Though I do wonder if Ocoho was hypnotized into doing something to him. Since the last time we see of him is them sparing together… yet we didn’t see what became of that. HMMMMM. I sense that some sort of betrayal is going to be happening, which makes it all the sadder since it seemed like Ocoho grew up with the two of them and trusts them so much. PROTECT OCOHO.

It’s also a cute detail that Ocoho seems to have raised Dracoon since he was a little baby, thus growing up together. No wonder they’re so close~

When Seth was trying to sneak into the archives, I couldn’t help but just slap my hand over my face. Especially when he was told by the guy that his name didn’t appear on his list. Instead of, I don’t know, telling the guy he accidentally made a mistake and try to figure something out instead later, he panics and proceeds to tear up the list and causes a ruckus that has a bunch of other knights running to apprehend him.  I know you were panicking, Seth, but you REALLY couldn’t have thought of a BETTER way to handle that?! GOOD GRIEF. However, he somehow manages to get away by remembering of a secret passage thanks to his weird dream.

However, things go from 0 to 100 real fast when he discovers a hidden chamber underneath the library and finds the spectre nemesis. Or “spectre nemesis” should I say. Since it ended up being a projection of some sort made by this one sorcerer who seems to have had a bad run in with Piodon as he freaks out when he finds Seth’s horns. This guy has obviously been through a traumatic experience considering his freak out, his face is covered in bandages and is missing a few fingers, presumably cut off by a second party or by Piodon himself.

In any case, Seth ends up being trapped inside this field where it projects whatever is inside onto another area. Which basically explains why normal attacks don’t work on it and seemingly just goes through the nemesis’ body as it’s not actually there. Though it does seem like these projections have some sort of mass to them and if Seth isn’t careful, can actually destroy something that is around him. Not to mention everyone seems to be gathering and heading in his direction. As Dragunov and Liselotte, the merchant group in the second episode, and the Knight Sorcerers including Melie are all headed to where spectre Seth materialized. We don’t even know why this sorcerer is causing so much chaos with his projections. Though I’m sure as more episodes come out, we’ll figure out his motives.

So many things are happening and it feels very hectic. My anxiety levels for Seth is just shooting through the roof right now. Especially when that container for the other nemesis opens up and then it attacks Seth, injecting him with poison. That part was honestly a little weird because the nemesis reacts to movement… but when it attacked him, Seth wasn’t really moving. He was moving a lot more after he got hit and it didn’t seem to be reacting to him. So, not sure what was going on there, but whatever. More importantly, if these projections do have some sort of mass to them, Seth is basically holding himself up by the skin of his teeth to not crush the house right below him and to not be hit by another attack from the nemesis. There is A LOT at risk right now and someone needs to help him… NOW. Hopefully Grim can turn off the projection to alleviate some of the burden off of Seth. Because after being poisoned, the guy isn’t doing too hot. I’m also curious as to how Ocoho and Melie will react to their mutual connection to Seth as they have just learned that the other knows of him.

This episode was GOOD. Especially since it came after another pretty solid episode before it. The previous episode was a hard act to follow with its heavy emotional scene and this episode definitely continued the same quality with the rising action. I also do hope that Melie and Seth can get back to being on good terms again soon. As I’m sure she is going to want to help him now that he’s in really big trouble. And judging from her earlier reactions, she’s still very much hurting from her falling out with Seth and both Mr. Boobrie and Doc are extremely worried about her. They even go as far as to try to act as some sort of emotional levity for her. Which is very sweet of them. Also, I just loved how they kept covering Melie up with the other characters before revealing to the audience that she’s actually there. I didn’t notice in my first watch through, but watching it again I was like: Eyyyyyy, I see what you did there~ You totally don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it. Lerche thinks they’re slick… and they’re right lol.  There are so many questions right now, but I’m sure they’ll all be answered in the next episode or so and I’m excited to see how everything plays out.


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