Beastars Episodes 7 & 8


We got a sort of…funny opener to the episode. We’ve seen the food that the students eat at school, which is a completely vegetarian diet unsurprisingly. Anything that looks like meat is completely plant-based, and their milk is soy milk. But one thing that did stick out to me were scrambled eggs also being on the menu. I mean…I get it, but the process of getting eggs in this world I would think would be a strange thing. But nope, it’s actually a side job chickens can take. And we meet a certain chicken that takes great pride in the quality of her eggs, Legom. It’s not an incredibly important part, but it just keeps adding to the already wonderful worldbuilding of this series. It was also pretty funny, though I wonder how Legosi would have reacted if he knew the delicious egg sandwiches he loves so much were thanks to the chicken girl sitting next to him.

With the actual episode, it starts off with this beautiful hand-drawn daydream of Haru’s as she runs through a forest of Louis’ antlers. She describes not having a warm, loving place for her. Which is kind of sad considering she was thinking all this while having sex with Louis (and yeah, it’s weird that a deer and rabbit are having…sex -_-). But they both seem to be sad individuals that Haru says that Louis looks sad even during intercourse, and that he’s always like this. They meet when Haru stumbles upon him on the roof bleeding from his head as his antlers had shed. He offers her money to let him stay in the cabin for ten days while fake antlers are made, showing yet again that he has to keep up appearances. Haru even ponders this, how long in his life has he been expected to be perfect? We’ve seen that quite a bit in the show so far, with the fake antlers, making sure there wasn’t a scandal with the play, and hiding his serious injury in order to be in the play. He always strives for perfection because it’s expected of him, but for once he was able to be vulnerable and imperfect in front of Haru. I can see why Louis would be attached to her, but we learn he already has a fiancee, as he has to be the next head of the family. Haru already knows this and accepted it, but I think it still hurts her. She still has lonely thoughts, but she genuinely seems happy with Louis. They have an interesting dynamic and I’m wondering how it’ll continue thanks to a certain wolf.

Who shows up literally right after, in front of the cabin. It was really intense and I freaked out because I thought Legosi saw Haru half naked, but she hid just in time. It was a great back and forth between them as they played it cool, but were incredibly suspicious of each other of what each other’s relationship with Haru was. Legosi was sniffing Louis, no doubt able to detect Haru’s smell. And Louis pushed for Legosi to get closer with his own kind, specifically Juno.

And we do get to see them bond, and it looked like it could have spark some love. Though it seems more one-sided. VERY one-sided. Legosi does admit that Juno is very pretty, but he did not pick up on her cues at all. But Juno is all over him. Which made Legosi’s response of intra-species contact, and offering to let her grab his tail, even more funnier. Oh Legosi you dummy, he’s just so pure. :’)

He’s not so experienced in this stuff, and he even contemplates his feelings for Haru. He really thinks about what Gouhin told him, and ponders again after Jack found the rabbit porn magazine and confronted him about it. And, it was hilarious. But Legosi basically convinced himself that it’s not a crush, but a misunderstanding of his feelings. It’s sad that he was willing to take a step backwards and go back to supressing his feelings, just for the sake of normalcy.

BUT! All of that goes flying out the window when he sees Louis and Haru together, both acting in a loving way towards another. Seeing how Haru can smile in such a bright way towards someone snapped something in Legosi and made his feelings clear: He’s absolutely in love with Haru. That shot of him with his hands smothered in paint, rubbing against his face with red rimmed around his eyes? So good! It was actually kind of scary. We haven’t seen Legosi this serious since his fight with Bill, but it’s a little different this time. He would have looked more menacing if it was only red paint on his hands, but the tone was set well, especially when they played the darker-themed ED right after. What will Legosi do?


Because of the recent devourings, the students need to head back to the academy early. Legosi takes this opportunity to head back with Haru, together. A good chunk of the episode was dedicated to furthering Legosi and Haru’s relationship, while the last bit was an interesting reveal of a certain character.

I’m glad that we were able to get a proper explanation for why Haru sleeps around with basically anyone. I feel like there has to be more to it, but what she told Legosi makes sense. While Legosi doesn’t want her to offer herself to anyone, Haru does it because there’s always a possibility every single day that she could be killed. As an herbivore, it’s not a fear that Legosi can even begin to understand. Herbivores have it tough in this world and certainly are targets as we’ve seen time and time again, so Haru’s want to live life as much as she wants is understandable, though controversial. At least this conversation was enough to bring them closer, especially after the cop chased after them.

It hurt to hear Haru talking about the time she was attacked, right when Legosi was going to confess that it was him. It hurt doubly so when she said that she doesn’t feel death chasing after her when she’s with him. Ha…haha…yeah, about that. :)))))))))))

Of course, Legosi decides not to say anything because he knows that once he does, their time together will be over. He wants to continue to be by her side and share cute moments and everything. He wants his own happiness, so unfortunately he’s going to have to keep that horrible secret even longer.

The next exciting thing from this episode was the reveal of Juno’s true nature, and what she’s after. Even though she had a bit of a tough time with the club at first, she’s quickly become pretty popular with her good looks, can-do attitude, and overall sweetness. Until she shows a much more aggressive side towards Louis in private. She makes herself loud and clear: She will compete against him and become the next Beastar, bring peace for the carnivore community, and she’ll get Legosi all to herself. She’s not as sweet and docile as she looks, and she’s ready to do whatever she can to achieve her goals. Louis will be in her way, but she moves quick to nab Legosi. But she soon realizes how far away she is, and makes a shocking discovery in the end. When the lights go out on festival grounds, Legosi runs off to find Haru cowering in fear. She mistakes him for Louis and desperately hugs him, which very obviously hurts him but he brushes it off. Ouch. 🙁 He smiles towards her, and that’s when Juno watches him from afar. Louis told her to watch him and see how he acts, and now she probably understands what he meant.

This was a fantastic episode and it ended on such a good cliffhanger! I’m dying to see how Juno is going to act from now on, and what exactly will happen at the festival. Also, Legosi basically found out that Haru and Louis are very serious about each other, so how the heck is he going to take all this and what is he going to do? Now that I’ve caught up with the double posts, I’ll get to the new episode soon!


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  1. On second thought, I haven’t had the time to get to the new episode so it’ll be a double post with Episode 10. Thanks for the patience!

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