High Score Girl II Episode 6

This was a great episode that started out lighthearted, but then ended with a crushing twist. Akira’s demeanor from last episode’s ending makes sense now and it just makes this whole situation a whole lot more emotional. But first…


Haruo casually admitting his love for Akira is what surprised me most because I thought he would be a lot more shy about it, but he’s actually been carefully thinking about it for awhile now. Haruo can act really immature and stupid, but sometimes he’ll have mature moments like these that impresses me. He’s a kid after all, and kids are strange creatures.

Miyao’s reaction to it all when Haruo went over to his place was hilarious, but it was even more so with everyone having a meeting in Haruo’s room with Miyao talking to Makoto like a lord. Haruo basically made it clear to everyone in the room that he’s in love with Akira, and of course they all support him and want to help him in any way they can. The first half of the episode was very sweet in how they portrayed Haruo’s love for Akira. The visuals with the various video game characters added so much charm, but it’s also very significant to both Haruo and Akira. The ever so wise Guile’s monologuing was great as well, giving his own thoughts and pushing Haruo to truly realize how he feels and into taking action. Guile himself found love and took it, so did many other Street Fighter characters, so can he follow the same example? Other shining moments were Haruo looking around the city and remembering the many memories he shared with Akira, and how much he’s been involved with her. They started off as rivals, but then their relationship shifted into something more personal and fun. His feelings have been worked up so much when he’s been with her, and it just made me smile so much hearing Haruo realize it. IT’S SO SWEET~

Doi finally has a good idea and proposes the Street Fighter II tournament in Osaka for Haruo to confess his feelings to her if he were to win. It’s actually the same tournament they went to before as kids, where Haruo won because of Akira’s machine having a broken button. But he doesn’t even consider it a proper win. While he does love Akira, he still can’t shake the rivalry between them. Not once has he ever properly beaten her in anything, and being able to beat her in the game that brought them together would be huge. After many hilarious outbursts, it’s settled.

But of course we can’t have nice things yet. Because while everyone is excited for Haruo, and Moemi actually grants Akira permission to go to the tournament, we get hit with a huge bomb in the end.

In the end, we learn that Akira’s parents want to bring Akira again to the US to live there at the end of the month, just like what happened in the first season. Makoto was the only one that didn’t know, meaning even Akira knew. Which is why she reacted the way she did at the end of last episode. I’m curious to know why Akira went to Hidaka’s place, whether it’s to tell her this or to ask her to go to the tournament?

As heartbreaking as it was, I did like this scene because Makoto finally admitted that blowing everything off to let Akira handle was a shit move. That bit always did bother me, but I like that she genuinely feels guilty about it. She loves her sister and wants Akira to be happy. She doesn’t give a crap about the household and her parents’ wishes, because they certainly don’t seem to take their daughters’ feelings into consideration ever. Makoto believes that they’ll just make her stay there forever, and they’ll just make her marry anyone they choose. It’s incredibly sad and unfair, especially when Haruo finally realized his feelings. This really is their final moment together, but then what even is the point if she just has to leave?

It really is not fair and it makes me so sad. Win or lose, I think Haruo will confess either way. The problem is convincing the Oono parents to change their minds, whether it’s Makoto fighting for her sister, or Akira standing up for herself. That would actually be an amazing moment to hear Akira speak for the first time and I’d love it if she could finally defend herself once in her life. I’m sure that the main reason Moemi allowed her to go was because of this reason too. I’m still not a fan of Moemi, but I am glad that she loosened up.

But I’m nervous for what will happen. We saw Akira break into horrible sobs the first time she had to leave, and she was only with Haruo for a shorter time. Now, she’s been with Haruo much longer and their relationship is much stronger compared to last time. I can’t imagine what will happen next. I just want these kids to be happy. T_T


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