A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 1 – Super-powered (Level 5) [First Impression]

RAILGUN IS BACK! Oh, how I’ve missed this series. Watching Index and Accelerator was a good way to wait, but nothing beats Misaka as the main character. I have read none of the source material and as an anime only viewer who has no idea where the story is going, this is great for me.

Standard episode 1, we basically just do a tour of the Level 5’s. Well, except for one. The 6th ranked. Maybe they’ll show up later? I have met most of them in some capacity. Misaka had a brief scene with Shokuhou, Mental Out, in the past. Kakine, Dark Matter, was thoroughly destroyed by Accelerator. Mugino… yeesh, season 3 of Index was an interesting one for her. I think this is my first time meeting Sogiita. I don’t know why, but I really like the ‘guts!’ character. They’re so simple and straight forward. I don’t know his power yet, but I bet it’s as simple as his character is. I definitely saw him land in mid air before jumping again…

So the Steering committee was trying to recruit Level 5s to do the Athlete’s pledge at the Dai Haseisai festival. Sounds like an awful idea, but I guess I already knew that. From experience, I had realized that a bunch of the level 5s were kinda shady, but I didn’t know that’s also what the student body knew. Like, I didn’t think working on the black market was such a known thing. I guess I’ve never seen them attend school though, so it does make sense. Something tells me the school environment might not suit Mugino or Kakine. I can’t put my finger on why. Then of course you have Misaka and, apparently, Sogiita who are shaping up to be the purest lifeforms on earth.

Personally, I can’t stand Shokuhou and her creepy ass power. Making everyone stand up to cheer on Misaka. Yuck. It does appear that she will be some form of antagonist this time though. And of course it circles back to the Sisters experiment. Here we go again.

I am curious about a few things though. Shokuhou hints at there being much more than a dislike of Misaka. So, hopefully there’s a past there that they’ll explain? Something more complex than, you won’t kneel before me so I hate you. Also, Misaka has a natural resistance to the mind control waves, but I wonder if the Sisters will have enough to resist. They do have very, very mild electricity powers. I could also see them being turned against Misaka though and her having to beat the enemy while avoiding the clones. I also just don’t know enough about her powers. Is there really like no limit? You can’t resist? That would make anyone without an electric barrier susceptible to her power? I bet Sogiita can resist it! With GUTS and willpower! We’ll see soon enough.

Of all the side characters, Saten, Uiharu, and Kuroko have to be my favorite team. Lacking a bit in the power department, but in terms of comedy and having fun they can’t be beat. I think the side crew is what turned me off to Index. The tsundere loli biting joke was funny once or twice, but it got annoying so fast. I have slightly similar feelings to Kuroko’s obsession with Misaka, but it really doesn’t bother me all that much in the end.

Well, there’s not much to say about this first episode so I used to it voice my general opinions on the series so far. It looks like the two Athlete’s Pledge candidates have been chosen, although I don’t really get why they pulled Misaka’s. It looks like Sogiita gets in plenty of trouble on his own. I get it, it’s hard to stay mad at a lad like that.

Well, art checks out, characters check out, and I’m down with the ed. I guess I’ll be continuing with the show then!

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