Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 1- *blink blink* [First Impression]

My reaction: *actual disbelief*

I actually don’t know what to say, this is a show of culture, for sure. For Sure. Shit, I’m saying for sure, my friend says that a lot, I’m taking the lingo, for sure!



The premise consists of 5 creatures rating the prostitutes working in the various brothels in their dimensions and they earn money by posting them for people to read in the tavern. The world has so many types of creatures that they have so many places to go. It’s lit, I think everyone wishes they could experience that. We only have humans and unless you want to commit bestiality or sodomy(in the sense of having sex with animals), we got nothing compared to that shit. I’m disappointed in our world right now.

I heard you can get diseases from having sex with animals? Maybe that is a hearsay. We stigmatize it so much, that we really don’t know. Did I accidentally endorse bestiality, shit!!!


Why is the MC name Stunk? Just why tho XD All the rest are normal and your the main main character and your name is Stunk? What the hell author?!? I started laughing for a bit.

The first 15 minutes of the show, they are arguing if a beautiful 500 year old elf is better than a 50 year old human woman. The consensus of the pub says the 50 year old woman is better. I was like ” wait a minute tho?” Y’all be into MILF’s??? That’s surprising, I thought the guys love younger looking girls, I be wrong yet again!! But plenty of people want to have sex with older women because they are mature and they have them thick thighs. I would take the elf tho, that’s just me.

Me also during the MILF Scene:

Also, no one is gonna leave until I talk about the trap angel. Angels can be a women or a man? COOL!!!! I would love that. I could have lesbian sex, fuck a girl as a guy, and a fuck a guy as a guy. That would be the ultimate experience. One can dream though. I’ve always wanted to be a guy for a day and fuck some girl. But I want to be a pretty guy at least. If I was ugly, I would suffer that day.

If there is brothels in heaven, I want to go there. Because ” all the good girls go to heaven, and all the bad girls get backstage, and good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught!

Everyone else:

The difference species seem to have different quirks about them that make them interesting to have sex with and they can provide different sex to their clients. You can have all different types of sex all at your fingertips in this world. I would like to have sex with a cat girl because i feel like it would be sexy. BUT THE BIRD WOMEN SEEM SEXY TOO. When you touch them, they moan? That’s super hot. And they have wings, that are probably soft and cute and they can cuddle you with them.

Also, I’m curious about the snake and tentacle people. I’ve always wanted to be almost choked to death for some reason, I thought it would be interesting. But in hindsight, that sounds scary as fuck. Never mind, I still like to be choked though!

Also, I like regardless of what the reviewers say, the pub goers are interested in pursuing their own sexual fantasies. That’s how it should be tho because everyone has their own sexual preferences. They are making ads for the places regardless of how they rate them for sure.

This show kinda inspires me to go on a sexual adventure. I’m gonna drop my dreams of becoming a nurse and become a brothel reviewer(JKJKJKJK). I wish I could do that! Just travel the world having good sex, and getting paid? What a dream! If I were to rate the people I have already had sex with, they would get some ghetto ass ratings, like 2 through 7. I have only done 3 people, so I should do my own review starting next episode. Just as a running joke XD I hope they don’t actually read their own review. Well, it would be constructive criticism to improve their sex game. Probably damage the ego, tho

What if the people working in the brothel, go and read their review? That would be kinda of funny.


If there is women brothels in this world, is there men brothels? I’m curious! I would totally go to a male brothel, with super hot guys? SIGN ME UP! Probably is and we haven’t seen it yet!

Chance of Blogging: 99.9% WHEEEE

Come back next week for episode 2!! Don’t run away from this good program!



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  1. This show was amazing stunk is great he’s totally me in anime form I wish I could get isekaid into this world 😂

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