Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 2 – Udder Disbelief

Me * in udder disbelief yet again*

I just be in “udder” disbelief everytime I watch this show, because I didn’t know what I was getting into. I forced my friend to watch this with me. I’m pretty sure, they are uncomfortable now XD.

The minotaur women seemed super hot. I would love to grab a women’s boob and drink their milk, especially a giant boob like that. I’m in love with big boobs anyways, they are so hot. I would have been drawn into the place by the boobs alone like the crew. Fuck the demon place, I’m milking some boobs.

The faeries were also cool too except that fact that they didn’t have any options because faeries are small and have small vaginas. It was hot that they have to measure their dicks before going in.

Stunk actually has a big dick. 7 inches, damnnn? Crim really topped it off with his dick. I wonder how long it actually was. Maybe like 9 inches. Then the other dude could have any girl he wanted in the place, meaning that his dick is small?

” I’ve won, but at what cost?”

Also, I wonder if having a big dick is good. If you’re dick is too big, girls will feel like you’re overwhelming and if your dick is too small, girls and guys will make fun of you. But I don’t know why having a big dick is a big deal biologically. Technically the guy with the bigger ballsack should be getting all the praise because he can make more sperm. Just thinking of it as a science major. It’s still the argument of the ages, but I think a guy’s dick should be more than 4 inches, just for pleasure purposes.



But I still want to have an episode where they go into the demon place, I’m curious to what that sex is like. It’s probably rough, since they mentioned that demons are bad-natured and are the second hated to be married to. Second to the undead tho, which brings up a question.

If you have sex with a zombie, are you committing necrophilia because it’s technically a dead body? Hmmmm, but they are technically alive because in some shows like iZombie, they are acting like a normal person and they just need to eat brains. I’ll give it some thought.

The references in the episode got me dead. The OP that sounds like the YMCA got me again. The piccolo reference with the demon. I literally called it, before this moment:

I was like damn, that piccolo! Why tho XD I also love they are totally sticking to it and they are giving their reviews truthfully. Even if the place gets a bad review, people are still coming to it, so good strategy, piccolo demon!

The family feud reference with the how demon are the second most hated to be married to. I was actually dead and I was fucking guessing with them because that’s what I do with Family Feud. Zombies was one of my answers, I’m so proud of myself, because I’m super bad at Family Feud.

Also, I find that it’s interesting that we see how their political system works, it must be hard with all the different creatures with all different strengths. In this world, everyone has the same strength because we are all human unless there is living zombies, which is actually could be possible. OR vampires! Is there vampires in their world? Because I’m obsessed with them. I’ve always wanted a vampire to suck my blood. And I think vampires are super hot and sexy, if I had sex with them, it would be a dream.

If you want to FUCC, vote SUCC

I actually cried when I saw that. I was laughing too hard over here. They gonna get more seats than the demons with that message, for sure.

Getting that fucc > magical advantages

I wonder what working at a brothel is like in that world, they probably be getting money. I think it would be fun to do that. But if the guys are ugly tho..ughhh..that’s the only problem. And I don’t think STDS exist in that world, thats lit!

I actually enjoy this show so much. I didn’t expect it to be like that, but I enjoy the show in the way it is. People in forums seem to be enjoying it as well. It really is the show of culture, FOR SURE!

Chance of Blogging: 99.9% because there is always a chance of uncertainty.

Sex Review One

Rating: 6 out of 10

The first guy I had sex with was interesting because it was my first time. First I went to guy’s house to hang out and then we went to his room. The awkward part is that his parents were chilling downstairs in the the living room. Thank God I forgot about them. He asks me to undress and he fucking carries me into the bed. I didn’t know a guy who was shorter than me and chubby had them muscles, like what the hell. So then we did it with the window open, just why???? Why was the window open? I could hear kids playing outside during it, which I tried to ignore. He had a decent dick size, and he was actually really hot to me, even tho he was ugly. I have a warped personality. He came into my mouth, which inspired all my friends not to share food with me because they heard sperm lives in your mouth for 2 weeks. Is that true? They like to live where its warm, so it’s possible.

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