Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 3 – The Gender Bender of the Century

WOW! They basically covered my dream! The gender bender. I’ve always wanted to be guy so I can shove my dick in some girl and pleasure her. I just wonder what it feel like to control the situation with the dick. But I feel like I wouldn’t do it that hard because I would be afraid, because it hurts when a guy does it too hard ya know.

But I would love to get fucked in the ass by some guy if I was a guy, because it sounds like some BL fiction. Lots of lube though, because I actually hate anal and I’m super afraid of it. It just feel unnatural to me and I don’t think things should go back up there. But I’m not against other people doing it, but I wouldn’t want it done to me unless I was a guy.

Interesting. All these terms.

Also, the slime girl. That seemed too hot. You don’t have to worry about it being too hard or it being too rough. And it’s all lubed for you and you don’t have to put spit on it (SO GROSS). And they can go as deep as you want it, which is super hot. I like when guys go as deep as they can. She also had him tied up so she could fuck him behind, going deeper into him. So hot! That must have felt so good.

Also Crim deserves his hot trap hyena women. I don’t know what’s wrong with picking a guy to fuck him. That’s actually pretty hot. He already knows what it’s like to have both women and men fuck him, so it’s interesting to hear his take on it. Also, no one knows he has both parts XD which is good for him and no one will try to fuck him and won’t be weird. He’s also gaining attention for the poster!

I love how that virgin is waiting for his time, and everyone else is like: “just do it, make your dreams come true.” I feel like having sex is okay anytime even with people you aren’t invested in as long as you have consent. At least you know what you like, and you’re not waiting for no reason. Having sex is pretty interesting, and pleasureful most of the time. It’s not a good idea to wait until marriage or something, because you won’t know. But I have made mistake when having sex, or I actually hate the people so much. Like I hate all my sex partners as people right now, so I should have not had with them. But experiences are good.

Sex Review #2

Rating:  7 out of 10

Well, the second time I had sex I wasn’t afraid, so that’s a pro. He was kinda weird of course. Any guy I’ve had sex with was weird. We fucked on his roommate’s bed and used his roommate’s condoms, which is scrubby by the way. He pushed me back as we fucked, so I almost hit my head on the wall. But he cushioned me with alot of pillows, which was super nice. And then we showered together, which is super nice and he fucked me in the shower (shower sex is nice and everyone should try it). He dried me off and said ” you’re cute”. Then I went home for a bit.

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