Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Episode 3: The Misaki Stairs, Part 1

This episode we get introduced to the next Seven Wonder of the school, Wonder Two. Aoi tells Yashiro about the stairs by the art room, and if you step on the fourth step you get dragged into the underworld and are sliced into pieces. Then at twilight the blood of the victims drip onto the steps. That’s the next mystery our main group will have to face.

This was a slower episode I felt. We get introduced to the mystery from Aoi who tells Yashiro because she notices that Yashiro looked a little down. A teacher tells Aoi that she needs to head to the art room for career counseling and it’s the last time we see her. The next day, the flowers Aoi took care of disappeared from the classroom, along with her entire desk. Yashiro asks the teacher, but he and the rest of the class don’t know an Aoi. Not even her parents. Her entire existence was erased somehow. Yashiro runs into a guy in the hall and he seems very significant since he left a paper crane to follow her, but we don’t see him again.

Yashiro goes to Hanako for help, and Kou comes crashing in yelling about students from his class suddenly disappearing and being forgotten as well and blaming it on Hanako. Hanako explains that there are several spots in the school that connects with the spirit world, and the stairs are just one of them. The students that step there are sent to the Boundary and when they do, their entire existence is then erased. But he says that he can save them, so they all head to the Misaki Stairs and enter the Boundary, which is a kind of trippy but beautiful place.

This part is pretty cool because it kind of felt like a game. The group get a phone call from a woman explaining who she is and how she was killed by getting cut into pieces, and for them to progress they have to find her body parts in a certain amount of time. The first was finding her right arm, then her left arm, etc. It’s kind of like a puzzle you’d see in a horror game, and it was pretty cool. Then things got a little silly with the boys messing around with finding the body parts and Yashiro being self-conscious about her boobs and then wearing a padded bra. Well…at least she knows how ridiculous she looked. Big boobs on her small frame would make her look like a clown.

The comedy kind of took away from the creepy setting, so it was whatever. But they soon learned what would happen if they didn’t follow through with the request, as they were attacked by the many dolls around them, as well as a giant pair of sentient scissors. They made it out okay by working together, but they took the body part fetching seriously afterwards. Hanako explained that the yorishiro, precious objects that give power to the seven wonders. If they find Misaki’s yorishiro, her boundary and her will suddenly become a lot less powerful and it’ll make things way easier for them. Problem is that it’s deep in the boundary, so they have to progress the stairs either way.

Hanako seems to know Misaki, I wonder if it’s anything deeper or it’s just because they’re part of the Wonders. Either way, we’re going to be seeing her next episode. I’m guessing that the body parts they fetched created a puppet because you could kind of see the outline of the arm Kou chose at the very end. So I’m guessing Misaki is going to use the puppet they created to attack them, and I’m looking forward to it! The episode was just okay this time, but it’s setting up for something potentially great.


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