Overflow Episode 2 – How do you sleep through all of that?

Whoa whoa, how did Kotone sleep through them having sex??? I can barely sleep through people in my dorm having sex. I just sit/lay there and listen, which is fuckin creepy, if I’m trying to sleep. Or if I’m doing homework, I blast the music really loud, which doesn’t cancel them out. Which is why we don’t have sex in dorms unless the sexual urges are mad strong. But I guess having sex in your dorm makes college life exciting


Public Service Announcement


But then I’m listening, I wonder what the people upstairs look like XD.

Also, how did he accidentally roll over and touch the other sister Ayane instead of Kotone. Well, it’s dark but still… but didn’t they go to sleep at the same time? I guess not! Also, they are wearing the same PJs and they have the same body shape.

The sex scene wasn’t bad, but some of the angles they used were kind of weird, like the ceiling angle( where the camera is hanging on the ceiling, lens pointing down) that was an uncomfortable angle, animation-wise.


They had sex scenes at like this angle???

Also, how do they air this on TV in Japan? Do they have like adult swim or like adult channels? I’m curious. Then I found this forum on MAL: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1555306

I guess some were aired, but most are released in DVD format for fans of the manga to buy and are sold at eroge stores in Japan. That’s what I got from the people. This really helped tho, at least someone asked the same question as me. Yay! I’m not alone!

But someone did mention the Playboy Channel aired some hentai in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Probably did tho. I’m surprised Playboy and Penthouse still exists even after Pornhub and other online porn sites. Well Playboy and Penthouse also have online sites too anyways, so it doesn’t matter.

I remember in late high school in like senior year, I used to read to the old Penthouse comics, those were funny. They would make jokes about comics about making them sexual and they would have 5 stories in one issue. One of the stories took place during World War 2 and it was about a girl who had to orgasm to use her powers and save the country from the Nazis.

Literally what the hell. And she was fighting a Nazi lesbian! What the hell tho. Some of them were really sexist tho, and I felt a little uncomfortable than I usually do. There was a lot of evil lesbians in that particular comic tho.

Also, I have been asked lately, why should you as a woman enjoy hentai?

Good question. Hentai and adult magazines are demeaning to women most of the time treating them as objects.

I think I enjoy the sexual aspect of them, how even tho it’s the same action of someone inserting his something into some living being’s hole, you still feel aroused.  Sex is a natural part of life, I don’t mind watching it.

I also feel like women control the sexual action more than men. It seems like the men are controlling the action, but still I feel like when you’re in the moment, you can control the action unless you have a bad sex partner. I might be wrong tho. Maybe I think I’m in control but I’m really not. hahaha!

Come back next week! I hope I didn’t scare y’all away!



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