Overflow Episode 3 – And she was never seen again

Wait! What does he mean that he never saw her again? Did she all of a sudden stop coming over? Did she go to college or something? I don’t know, they left us on that big ass cliffhanger like that. SO MEAN! I wonder if she figured out that he banged Kotone, but if she figured out that during the episode, she would have been mad. What happened to Kotone, does she come over if Ayane isn’t coming anymore?

Ayane seemed sort of sad during the episode and she also cut school to see him. I want to know who died? That seems like a manga/anime response if someone dies or something bad is happening. I guess that’s a human response.  Everytime someone is sad, I assume someone is dead. That’s probably not a nice thing to do tho.


Also, the sex scene was good but I prefer them fucking in the hallway near the door. They had the foreplay near the door, but they didn’t do the actual sex in the hallway. AWWW! I think it’s super hot when people come into the house and have sex in the doorway. And they do it standing up from the behind. I’m in love with that position! You can get your dick deeper into the girl if you do it like that(Great tips). Or the one where the guy is holding the girl and they are staring at each other while they fuck standing up. That’s super hot.

Also, I noticed in the episode, he apologized for making her feel uncomfortable though. That’s the first in hentai history.


I’m like wait, isn’t it already awkward? You slept with both of them and they could probably tell each other, that’s awkward as all hell? “What if it turns awkward?” isn’t the question, ” What if I made it awkward?” is the question. It’s like when you have a crush on someone and you tell them and it becomes awkward. That sort of awkwardness. And then you guys never talk again kind of awkwardness. If you really enjoy someone’s presence, the awkwardness doesn’t matter. You’re always free to be awkward and weird around the people you love, I guess.

I hope they start talking again! I just don’t want their relationship to be too strained due to all of this. But fucking boy didn’t have to fuck both sister, he could have stopped and continued with the first one. But this a hentai and a sister one, which is pretty good, so I’m not gonna think about it too much.

Chance of Blogging next week: 99.9% unless it gets awkward

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