Overflow Episode 4

I covered my eyes for most of the episode during the sex scenes. I don’t know why tho. I have performed most of those positions as a girl, so it doesn’t make any sense that I’m uncomfortable. But I was about to complain about the variety of the sex scenes, but then they did a variety on the floor. Like the girl sitting on it and the one where she is on her side. I think it’s super hot when the girl sits on it, I don’t what it is tho. I feel like the girl is taking the power instead of being the submissive that most hentais want her to be. When I sit on it, I feel powerful, but I’m also lazy, so I prefer if the guy fucks me.

Also, why does Kotone still talk to him, if Ayane doesn’t come over often? She’s knows there is something up. And why doesn’t Kotone know that Ayane fucked him? They are best friends, why don’t know that they fucked the same guy? That’s suspicious as hell, but it’s hentai logic tho. Also why does Ayane feel uncomfortable with him when all they did was fuck. I’m not sure if I saw any rape in these scenes, but some of them are sketchy. So that might be why.

Don’t hyper-analyze the hentai.

Kotone seems to like fucking him, he must be good XD

Also, I’m still waiting for my standing up fucking position and my threesome. Where them at? The threesome is gonna be nice, but that also roots in my desire to have a threesome. I’m a non-monogamous person who would want to share my partner. It’s weird don’t worry. I like to watch people have sex, it’s interesting. I always would like to film myself one time to see what I look like. But is I know someone is filming, I will get self-conscious or I will be more dramatic.

Also, what does this man do? It says he has a part-time job, but does he have college or some shit?? It’s unclear what exactly he does when he’s not fucking these girls or hanging out with them. Like that is really weird too. I’m not sure if he is a scrub that gets good ass women and he doesn’t do anything.

Maybe it’s me, but in hentai I always see men who really might not get women in real life being fucked by these gorgeous girls and I’m like… But in real life that happens but not that often. People be like “that dude ugly” and move on. Gotta be pretty to get a girl, unless your a harem MC and you do a bunch of nice stuff to girls and they fall in love. I want to see that in real life for sure. But I would want to create my own harem with mostly girls and like 2 guys. Girls are super hot and they have boobs and they are super warm when you give them hugs.

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