Plunderer Episode 2 – WAIT A MINUTE?

I HAVE so many questions. First of all, how does she travel across the country and not know her ballot is illegal? Why does her mom even have a ballot? Why did the mom hand out non specific instructions? Why is she so stupid and showing her ballot to everyone? Why doesn’t she know more about the Aces she is looking for? Why is Nana telling the dude about Licht being the Ace? Ughhh, it’s only the first 2 episodes, these are normal questions.

Everyone in comments and in the forum: well, this is some generic bullshit. I’ma head out.

But can you head out that early?? Maybe the show will get good despite the dumb main character? I should be the last person to speak, I always only half watch a show, you can see it by the watching list in MAL:I only watch 3 episodes, or watch a show halfway and then I stop! I usually use someone to force me to get to a good part of the show. Esp if its a show with alot of plot and alot happening!

I have never seen such a stupid main character. Seriously. Maybe she’s not dumb and her aggressive search for the Ace made her just go with anything? She wants to find that Ace and she would do anything for her dead mom. Wait, how old is she?

Also, poor Licht. The motherfucker was just chilling out, but then this dumb ass hoe was about to get raped and get all her points stolen, and he wasn’t gonna let that happen because that would be bad and he is good guy! So he fights them, revealing his location to the military who is looking for him, so they can kill him because they want to kill all the Aces. Meaning he has to run away.

Also, if he gets -1000, what happens by the way??? Its kinda sad how a 1000 girls have rejected him. He must get something special, like more powers or something.

I almost got super mad because I thought he took the ballot. WHAT A TWIST! But he was actually being nice and hid it in the stuffed animal for her, which is good. I don’t really want anything to happen to dumb Hina, but I want her to do more research on what she is looking for.

Also, why is the government trying to kill all the Aces?(is there one Ace or multiple Aces? I dont know.) I guess because they possess a large amount of power. But I’m pretty sure the Ace(s) could probably wipe out the entire government if they wanted to. But they disappeared after the fighting was over, never to be seen again. If they haven’t been seen again and haven’t been causing a problem, why is government wasting resources to look for them?

If Licht is an OG ace, that means he has been alive for 300 years. How long has the government been looking for him? IS HE AN ACE ACTUALLY THO IS THE QUESTION?

Also, it’s possible that no one knows anything about the Aces because the government is erasing knowledge that they exist by making them a legend. Well, thats some sc-fi shit, I’ma get that shit outta here.

At the end of this episode, I had mixed feelings. I don’t hate the show just yet, but I just hate Hina for now. I still have hope tho.

Chance of Blogging Next Week: 75% because of Hina getting into dumb situations

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