Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Episode 2: YELL AND RESPONSE

Well, this was a much slower and kind of boring episode. Without a clear goal in mind, I did have a worry in mind that Mashumairesh would turn out to be more of a CGDCT type of show with some music sprinkled in. This episode was basically that. Not much of anything important happened other than Himeko and Howan getting closer.

Most of the episode consisted of the girls hanging out, Himeko heading home and the rest of the girls “solving a murder mystery”. Which, of course it wasn’t. I guess it’s not for me, because I didn’t really find it funny or entertaining at all. It was just pretty boring for me. Wanting to give Howan a tour of the city, Ruhuru and Delmin show her their studio. But when they walk in, they see their manager collapsed on the ground next to a pool of “blood”. And of course it wasn’t blood because a hot sauce bottle was literally next to him, but they thought it was blood and used the hot sauce bottle as a clue (amongst other things) to solve the mystery. Which all pointed out to be Himeko that attacked him, but it was just the manager passing out from how spicy the hot sauce was and spilling the rest of it next to him and his bento. Nothing more. Amazingly, this took up more than half of the episode, which is just…silly. It doesn’t help that I have a cold and I’m floatin through time, but no. That segment of the episode I was not a fan of, it wasn’t entertaining or anything. Just silly.

The rest of the episode was about Himeko taking in Howan as a roommate after she saw her try to pitch a tent at the park next to her home and getting scolded by a police officer for it, and for trying to start a fire. Eventually, when it starts raining, Himeko heads out and brings Howan in. It’s a little awkward because Himeko doesn’t seem to be a people person, with Howan making conversation. But I guess there’s something about Howan that Himeko likes a lot and she seems like a tsundere so it’s not like she’s going to admit it baka! Ah…

Anyway, I thought it was cute that Himeko is a huge Criticrista fan. It’s nice seeing the original bands get mentioned here, and Himeko of all people being their fan is funny seeing how serious she is. Though design-wise, Himeko kind of fits in with them. Still, it’s a nice mention. The two girls bond a little this way, and Howan seems to be entirely impressed with Himeko for “being a pro”.

There was also a lot of yuri bait here between Himeko and Howan. I know there was a bit with the original, mostly with Retoree having a very obvious crush on Cyan, but they’re really going for it this time. These girls barely know each other but I’m sure people are already shipping them after this. It’s why I’m not exactly a fan of bait like this because it’s just forced and it never leads to anything, so it’s annoying.

The episode ends with Himeko telling Ruhuyu and Delmin that Howan is going to be her roommate until she passes an audition. Simple as that. I was pretty bored of the episode and was disappointed, but then a guy randomly crashed into the fast food place and got stuck in the wall. That was enough to grab my attention and be a little excited for next episode. I really loved ShinganCrimsonz from the original and they seem to be another band like them. So if they’re loud and silly as them, then I’m a little more excited for the next episode.

I love Show by Rock but if this season devolves into a simple CGDCT type of show, it’ll be disappointing because I’m not a huge fan of those types of shows. And I’m afraid of getting more boring episodes like this one. And if this were to happen, then I’m going to have to drop my coverage of the show because it’ll just get tough for me, especially when Thursdays are so stacked. Let’s hope the show can turn itself around next time!


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