Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Episode 3: On The Bike

This episode we get introduced to the boy band of this season, Dokofin. They’re just as wild as ShinganCrimsonz, but younger and dumber and more violent. They’re a group of boys (how old is Joe?) that are delinquents at their school and after all the crap they caused there, the principal forced them to start a band or else face expulsion. So they end up doing that and forming Dokofin.

It’s…very ridiculous. They’re all so dumb and so silly, and they each have a silly character trait about them such as loving bentos, being sickly, smart, and the bee dude having a stinger. And that’s basically all that they are so far. They’re loud, they love to fight, especially with each other where they destroy the stage they perform on. I suppose if I had to pick a favorite it would be Joe because he dramatically takes his meds before a fight, and he has cute ducks on his medical record. Also he’s flunked like six times because he never went enough days to school because of his illness. So he’s probably in his 20’s and he’s very serious about graduating. That’s cool I guess, and funny. Yasu is also pretty cute, and it’s cute that he loves his mom’s bentos and that said bento was used against him to get beat up by those gang dogs. And I realize how stupid this all sounds as I type this up. This whole scenario really is that stupid. I know that Show By Rock can be silly but I don’t even know what to say. Yes, I admit I did laugh a bit but I can’t say I’m really into Dokofin like I was with ShinganCrimsonz. Their song was okay but as characters they don’t really interest me that much. Maybe there’s more to them and maybe I just have to spend more time with them.

So yes. They have concerts, they fight at said concerts, but they still have a lot of fans and the girls attend their concerts which Howan enjoyed. On Howan’s side of things, not much happens except that she wants to find a part-time job because she feels bad about rooming with Himeko. She wants to find a place of her own so she won’t be a bother, so she heads out to job hunt. And Himeko goes with her because Howan would just get lost and get herself in a crazy situation. There’s more yuri bait between them because I guess. Ruhuyu and Delmin weren’t in the episode much except to add to the yuri bait and be cute I suppose. However, we get suspenseful music in the end with Ruhuyu looking at the moon. The show has been hinting a lot with Ruhuyu and the full moon since she’s a wolf. She’s mentioned that something happens to her when the full moon is out and she doesn’t particularly seem to like it. I don’t know how significant it’ll be, but I’m sure it’ll get its own episode when it happens.

That said, I’m going to have to drop the coverage for this show. I was hoping the boy band would maybe be the thing to make me stick with the show but it’s not enough. The show so far has been pretty different from the original and feels more slow and boring. Like…I feel like nothing has happened so far. But the biggest reason for dropping the coverage is because I’m juggling a lot of shows at the same time on the same day, and it’s a little much for me, I need to drop one and this one is it. Which is a little sad because I looked forward to this one a lot. I just hope for the show to improve.



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