What a sweet and wholesome start to the season. This show stood out to me for many reasons. I’m a huge sucker for family themes, especially if it’s not your usual type of family like we have here. I’m always so excited to see the dynamic between the characters as they learn to understand each other and live together. On top of that, the setting in this show is gorgeous and the with the help of the OST and Somali’s cuteness, I know that I’m in for a very sweet little show.

The episode wasn’t anything too amazing or groundbreaking, but it was pretty solid. We open up the episode to Golem strolling around the forest, telling us that it is a golem’s job to oversee the forest until it’s his time to also return to the earth. It’s a job that he has no problem doing but then one day things change when he comes across a human girl who calls him dad. And that’s where the story takes a jump.

Somali is an absolute cutie. I always find it so funny when people complain about kids in anime. They get irritated that kids…act like kids. Somali is only a child, of course she’s going to be a bit of an annoyance when she wanders off by herself, but kids need to learn that isn’t right. But kids are curious, and loud, and Somali is just that. A kid. Of course Golem is also learning this through his observations of her, as he’s slowly learning how to be a father. I think it’s so funny that Golem explains to others that Somali is of the minotaur race, and the horns on her hood are proof enough. Because if they find out she’s a human, it’ll be a huge problem. This is one part of the episode that I thought felt forced was the sudden exposition of what happened to the humans, where one of the bar patrons asks (why wouldn’t he know?) and the waitress begins to explain in detail. The story being that the humans and creatures lived together, but were not aware of each other until a human arrived. Racial tension ensues along with war, and it sounds like all the humans were killed/eaten/enslaved. One of the creatures nostalgically talking about treating humans like pets was…gross. But quite telling. Golem says he’s on a journey to find humans, obviously most likely wanting to bring Somali back with her own kind.

The rest of the episode is pretty simple, as we get to see Golem and Somali bond, shop, etc. Golem is interesting as he speaks very robotic, but I still was half expecting him to mutter yare yare as Somali ran around and left his side. Because…Daisuke Ono. Yeah. But yes, even though he very much acts and speaks like a robot, assuring Somali that golems do not have any emotions, it looks like that’s not entirely true with how he acted a couple times. He did express fear during their stay at the inn, on high alert for Somali’s sake that even she recognized. And how he even reacts to her calling him Dad. I’m sure he’s going to change slowly. But for now, it’s a little funny how serious he is against a loud and happy child. Their interactions together are very sweet.

That meeting in the forest sparked two thoughts. The first one being, of course, where Somali came from when supposedly the humans are extinct, unless there are a few survivors. Where did she come from and what happened? The second one is Golem himself. He stated in the beginning that his job was to oversee the forest, but now he’s left it and is roaming the world with Somali. I’m wondering what kind of effect this decision of his will have with him, and with the forest. Does this break the order of things, possibly hurting the forest in a way? He won’t be there if something were to go wrong. There was also that quick shot of Golem’s arm, where it looked very cracked. I wonder if his life is linked to the forest, and the longer he’s away from it the more his life is slowly drained. That’s something to really worry about. Also, that eye of his is badass.

I really enjoyed this episode and I’m really looking forward to how the story is going to progress. I just love everything about it so far. Now, this episode came out early but it’s slated as a Thursday show. Unfortunately for me, most of the shows I want all fall on Thursday, so this show is up in the air along with the rest of them for which ones I’m going to stick with. As much as I love this show, I’m worried that it’ll just be very slow and difficult to blog and if that’s the case, I might have to drop it. But I’ll have to see, along with the rest of the Thursday shows so nothing is set in stone yet.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: For now, absolutely. Depends on other Thursday shows.


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