A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 5 + 6

OooooOOO. There is nothing quite like watching a cocky villain get absolutely beaten to the point where he is running and crying and then in the fetal position, before bowing out of the mission and saying he’s going to look for shelter. chef’s kiss.

I didn’t want to spoil anything for someone who hasn’t watched but went on the site, but I unofficially dub this episode, ‘the one where Baba cries and runs and I laugh and laugh.’

It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m almost glad I missed last weeks and doubled up this week. When I started episode 5, I was like, ahh, this shit. Who knew sweet sweet catharsis was right around the corner. Even when it’s obvious, since Baba was like a low-tier henchman on the villain spectrum, it doesn’t take away the satisfaction for me at all.

I’m surprised, but in a nice way, that Misaka at least partially got Kongo involved. Kongo is a great character when she’s not just made to be that rich girl who showboats in every scene. I mean, I do like her showboating too. When she blew off a satellite antenna just to show she could and said she’d pay for it after, I mean you have to like her. She’s got the gusto.Her powers are pretty strong, and her clique are actually pretty legit at fighting. Those duo combos were amazing when they were fighting the hounds. I got so hyped when at the end of episode 5 they were both kind of shaking with anger.

For someone who has built up their entire reputation around analyzing and info gathering, always being prepared, it’s amazing how absolutely destroyed and wrong Baba was about… mostly everything. All the important things for the fight anyway. He got both of their powers wrong which was especially surprising with the black haired girl because it seemed very clear that she affected weight and was not using general telekinesis.

Even when they’re no longer friends with Misaka, Kuroko and Saten too actually are just so involved. I can’t believe Kuroko was getting so heated about ‘Railgun’. So disappointing. What flaky, flaky love. Jk, but it was still funny to see her shit-talking. One thing that bothered me was that they acknowledged Kongo was replacing Kuroko for pairs, and then they showed a picture of Kongo with Misaka. Soooo, like, it should’ve been obvious that Kuroko was the one who was supposed to be her partner originally. I definitely thought Uiharu was going to bring that up but instead she gave Kuroko the side eyes about being in love with Misaka. Saten somehow still managed to be a key player in this episode too. She is ALWAYS in the right place at the right time. Maybe that’s her hidden power. Not only did she save Kongo, but went to the hospital with her and was able to inform Misaka of what was going on and where. The true hero of the show.

Speaking of Misaka, I mean, she’s so done with this. Last episode (episode 4) we definitely saw she was fed up with Shokuho. This episode though, there was a real snap. I have no doubt she would’ve actually taken out those two clique members. They were scared shitless. I like the demeanor shift, I always like Misaka when she goes rogue. Like she said, she probably could’ve convinced her friends that their memories were being tampered with, probably had a lot of evidence, but I just like when she doesn’t have to focus on protecting other people and can just go all out. And it’s always on someone’s behalf. But she still keeps her cool when it counts. Like with Baba, saying he might be under Mental Out so she wouldn’t crush him. That’s one of the reasons why I like her so much.

For a while, they were really keeping up with the jokes. Like when the purple haired girl and Misaka were talking about Gekota and how the limited edition items. Misaka had just sent Kongo out on a mission, was mulling over serious thoughts and then instantly got distracted with Gekota merch. facepalm

Looks like it’s dominatrix girls turn now. She seems almost equally cocky, claiming she’ll end it by the end of the day. She does appear to be a lot stronger than Baba though. We’ll see how long we have to wait before she gets what’s coming to her. It’s only a matter of time.

addendum: OH, I just went to add screenshots and I just realized that while there is no new information, Shokuho eerily standing over the clones body is very creepy. Her symptoms are probably due to the nanomachine, I think that’s safe to assume. But we still have absolutely no idea what she’s trying to do or even how many people she’s brainwashed to get this done.

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