Healin Good Precure Episode 3

What a wholesome episode, and what a great character Chiyu is shaping up to be! I love how straight-forward she is, speaking whatever might be on her mind. It was hilarious how she called Nodoka out for being at school when the Megapathogerm was being discussed. It was good to see she had enough tact to not press the issue in class about her denial of being at school when the monster had attacked, or the fact she had seen her talking with animals. She was also polite enough not to brazenly walk in when she overheard them talking in the baths (her family runs an Inn). Instead, she patiently waited for the opportunity to ask her about it when they were alone. And for better or worse, I think we can all think of a few characters in previous series who would have pushed the issue on the spot, haha!

What I also loved about Chiyu was how smart she was to have figured out what makes the animals around Nodoka so special. Having witnessed her transform into Cure Grace, she understood that the animals she is with play a key role of enabling her to fight monsters. So what does she do? She takes the initiative and ask straight-up asks Penguintan if they can work together!

It was nice to see her to extend a hand because we understand how Penguintan struggled with his fears of Humans (understandably so after being chased by kids), and his lack of confidence in his own abilities. He just needs a little nudge of encouragement that he can be strong too. Better yet, Chiyu offered Penguintan more than just a partnership for power, she told him it’s okay for him to depend on her, she will share a bit of her courage and together they will be able to protect the ones they care about. If that isn’t a wholesome way to form a partnership, I don’t know what is!

But this encounter wouldn’t have happened today had it not been for Latte choosing to visit Nodoka’s school! Poor Penguintan, he takes his eye off her for one second, and she’s gone sniffing her out. Well, at least she also forced him to go out to look for her, haha! It is because he had to go to school as well that he accompanied them to Chiyu’s place after school, where Shindoine decided to target the Inn’s water system! So thank you Latte!

Speaking of Shindoine’s meddling, we got to see Nodoka be put in a perilous situation when she protected Chiyu from flying debris of large tree branch that would have killed her. (I mean one of her family’s employee was already hit and knocked unconscious by an earlier attack!) I was genuinely surprised we didn’t see her grab Chiyu out of the way, instead she literally covered her with her body and had the tree literally bounce off of her back. As silly as it looked, it did crack me up. But this also served as a catalyst since Nodoka had gotten badly injured from it.

As for Cure Fontaine’s transformation sequence, much like Cure Grace’s, it was a snappy one, yet they still managed to make it so pleasing to the eyes. I gotta say, I am digging the use of the lab coat. The way they are playing with the material, I love it.

Lastly, I am curious about how true Shindoine’s claim of being King Pathogerm’s soulmate is. Hopefully she isn’t a Pupple 2.0 in terms of experiencing an unrequited love with the leader. I find it quite intriguing how she claims she knows and is the only one who can see his face (Daruizen however called her out on it, so it’s hard to say). It’s also worth to note how she vehemently denied he had lost to the Precures in the past. It would definitely be a cool twist if it turns out King Pathogerm had actually made a strategic retreat to come back and fight another day. Who knows, but it is fun to speculate in the mean time!

NEXT WEEK: It looks like it will be Hinata and Nyatoran’s turn to meet! Looking forward to it!

PS: Is anyone else obsessed with the OP and ED Songs? I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO IT!


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7 thoughts on “Healin Good Precure Episode 3

  1. It’s so nice to see you passionate again about a Precure installment!
    And yes, as you’ve said, Chiyu is shaping up to be such a nice cure. I like how the girls, until now, are behaving very diferently from what we came to expect. I don’t think I’ve ever saw a girl taking the initiative of proposing a Cure partnership, it was always the other way around – so not only that caught me off guard, it was amazing to see. I love how full of personality the fairies are this season.
    There’s not a single thing I dislike about this season until now (really, everything from the opening to the characters to the transformations THE RETURN OF THE “PRECURE!” CHANT AT THE BEGGINING) and that makes me a bit scared, as we always know how Toei has a way of not knowing what to do with the mid-part of a Precure series, most of the time… But I’m also hopeful that we’re finally getting one of those good ones.
    Thank you for your hard work as always, it’s a treat to come to the site and read your opinions.

    1. = v = Ahhhh it is such a nice feeling~ So much hope, so much optimism!
      And thank you! 😀 It is always a pleasure to hear everyone’s thoughts as well! <3

  2. great episode once again. I try to keep low expections but healing good make it hard to do so with how great it is. also I love the OP song so much I listen to it lot of times

    1. Hahaha I know right? We’re not even 10 episodes in and I’m already head over heels for this show. The hype cannot be contained!

      1. Normally the pink is the energetic one and overexcited about everything but it seems hinata will fill this role instead this season

  3. I definitely agree with your thoughts. Chiyu’s grace, tact and bravery really compliment Pegitan’s apprehension and his desire for a ‘nice’ partner is completely fulfilled. So far I’m really loving this season – the pacing especially – and am excited for what they have in store

    1. Oh absolutely, and we have every reason to be! I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamics between Hinata and Nyatoran!

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