Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 4- When Funimation cancels you

When Funimation cancels you and you still have a better following of cult fans, meaning Funimation is losing money. They are so retarded, but that’s not my problem though. But the circumstances are so weird tho, they probably got scared it was too much in the middle show even though the knew it was a hentai. Has Funimation done hentais before? I don’t know.

But I think alot of people are still watching this show, so Funimation’s dumb ass company is not making money.

But I think the whole beginning piece was a Funimation roast to tell them, we aren’t done yet XD I was totally dead when I realized that. YITE!!!!

Me roasting Funimation. Done.

But the orgy was interesting, that would be tiring tho. Being fucked by a bunch of girls for 2 hours, sounds painful. My body hurts from one time around, all the pounding into my body, so painful. But it’s usually the guy who want to go around again even though it hurts tho.  The eyes of the succu-girls freaked me out, tho. I would be afraid of their eyes.

I did like the dominating tone of the girls, it makes you want to fuck them. Like when someone is super dominant during sex, I feel super attracted to them. That would accidentally drag me in and the price of 500 (whatever money they have in that world). Not that I don’t like submissive people, I just don’t feel as attracted to them. But when I am, I just want to be their teacher of some sorts. Show them the ropes or something like that. It’s weird and know it. It depends how submissive they are, tho. If they are extremely submissive, I would like to teach them. But some people are extremely submissive because they are virgins, so you kinda have to be careful with them. IF YOU FUCK UP, THEY WILL HATE SEX FOREVER AND THEY WILL NEVER GO OUT AND SEEK ANOTHER EXPERIENCE. So that’s scary as hell, if you think about it.

The magma girl. OOOOOO!! I would love to eat BBQ off some girl, cooked for me. And show sausage up her vagina and in her mouth. That’s super hot, I just would love to taste it. It probably tastes super different. I would love to eat off of people. I haven eaten whipped cream and honey off of people, but a whole meat piece is different. What if I put cooked sliced steak and put it on my partner and see if it caught their juices or something? I think it would be a different experience. I asked my friend if they thought it would be better with medium rare steak with blood running out. As soon as the question came out of my mouth, I thought it was gross. But then I had a moment, I then I thought it was super hot. Because blood is running down them and you can lick it up. I can see a visualization of someone else doing it and not me. I hate medium rare meat, it’s so gross.

But I find it interesting that elves and angels can taste mana. It’s never explained what mana is, but I think of it was the medieval thing you get in video games that controls magic. I guessed, I hope I’m right!!

Crim doesn’t reveal all his powers at all, no one knew this motherfucker was heat resistant. He had a good time for sure. It must have been “hot”( heheheh, I’ll stop). Angels have so many powers, but he still hasn’t fixed his halo. When is that gonna be fixed?

They went to get some rocks, but they got more than rocks tho XD I’ll stop with the puns.

Chance of Blogging Next Week: 99.9% unless I have an orgy and almost die

And homage for the only legit fight scene they have in this anime:

And why does Stunk never want to talk his past. That’s interesting, I wonder what exactly happened by here, so much he doesn’t want to think about that…


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